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  • New Tires

    New Tires

    New Tires They are essential. We all need them. Well, everyone who drives, rides, or abides in vehicles with round, rubber, steel or kevlar belted donuts needs them. We call them tires. I have heard the world’s rubber supply is limited. I guess that means prices will continue to climb. But everything continues to climb […]

  • Knocked Down but Not Out

    Knocked Down but Not Out

    These words can empower. These words can comfort. These words can make the difference. But not just the words – but the actual actions behind the words. His name is the epitome of boxing. Yet he isn’t even real character. He is the rag to riches story that makes every one cheer for him. He […]

  • Love & Life – In a Mad Mad Mad World

    Love & Life – In a Mad Mad Mad World

    Two positive and interesting stories in the midst of a world gone mad.  One comes from ABC News. A young couple, in love, had planned on getting married in May. They had arrangements at a location on a terrace overlooking the river. But this couple, these residents of Kyiv, realized that there plans had been […]

  • Haters Gonna Hate

    Haters Gonna Hate

    History has no shortage of hatred. And it’s so deep you can’t just shake it off. You can go back to the earliest days with Cain and Abel. You can see it in every continent on this globe. And as “enlightened” as we think we have become, we have not eradicated or learned the lesson. […]

  • The Love Won’t Last

    The Love Won’t Last

    They call it the Itty-Bitty Farm and the big blue house. It’s right at the railroad tunnel in the downtown of the thriving metropolis of Evergreen Va (population 102 I think, if that). It’s at the corner of Old Evergreen and Friendship. I’ve met the new owners. A great little family with three kids and […]

  • My Best Valentines – Ever

    Dating. If there ever was an adventure in life, dating would near at the top of the list. The emotional rollercoaster. Love bombing. Becoming vulnerable. Stashing. Ghosting. Benching. Breadcrumbing. Catfishing. The DTR moment. Lockering. And so much more. And yes, it’s been awhile since I’ve had to deal with any of this – unless you […]

  • John Denver Was a Prophet

    Almost heaven, West Virginia. Blue Ridge Mountains. Shenandoah River. I love my home state. Virginia. History. Mountains. Beaches. Country. City. Good folks from all walks of life. But years ago, there was a little spat between the North and South that caused the western part of the state to break off and form their own […]

  • The Princess Danced

    She is a free spirited joy to her parents. Strong willed (much like her mother I hear) yet with a spirit that is tender in a way that most don’t see on the surface. Life had been good to her in so many ways … a family who loves her, a big sis that taught […]

  • Nike Pulls a Shoe

    We live in a land of political and personal land mines. Say something just wrong and “blam”. Disagree with something, or someone, and explosions start to happen all around you. I don’t know if it’s about having PC police, mind control, lack of tolerance, inability to communicate with grace, or simply we just demanding our […]

  • Parent-Child Lessons Flow Both Ways

    It was a moment in time that changed every way she viewed her mother. One author wrote that she remembers the exact moment she realized she had changed roles with her mother of caretaker-nurturer. She was driving and her mother was in the passenger seat. At one point, the daughter had to brake suddenly. So […]