The Love Won’t Last

They call it the Itty-Bitty Farm and the big blue house. It’s right at the railroad tunnel in the downtown of the thriving metropolis of Evergreen Va (population 102 I think, if that). It’s at the corner of Old Evergreen and Friendship.

I’ve met the new owners. A great little family with three kids and some new chickens. Recently they posted on social media that farming would be easier if it wasn’t for keeping the weeds out. That could be said of life as well. But let’s move on. Someone did a unique act when mowing the yard this month.

In a world where words are plastered on to monuments, painted directly on to the city streets, and seen showing up all over the globe – words that used to get our mouths washed out with soap – this creative yard mower made a special endeavor to put a four letter word in his yard.

He mowed – LOVE.

This gesture – this powerful reminder – this declaration that love is more powerful than hate – this proclamation that this is what makes our lives richer, fuller, and better … this gesture is temporary. As the grass grows (or dies in this heat), we will see the love fade. Already, as I drove by today, the word is getting more difficult to make out.

The reminder is love is not a one time event. We don’t say we love our wives once and expect that is enough. We need to constantly keep investing in love to those around us.

Jesus said to love the Lord our God with all hearts, souls, mind and strength. We are to love our neighbors as ourself. This action is continuous, perpetual, and non-stop.

If the Itty-Bitty Farm wants love to be seen for more than a week, efforts will have to be made. And if we want to show the world we love them, efforts will have to be made. And I believe the efforts will be worth it.

I love my Evergreen!





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