New Tires

New Tires

They are essential. We all need them. Well, everyone who drives, rides, or abides in vehicles with round, rubber, steel or kevlar belted donuts needs them. We call them tires.

I have heard the world’s rubber supply is limited. I guess that means prices will continue to climb. But everything continues to climb in price, doesn’t it?

But, tires are essential. And good ones are highly essential.

Last week, my wife hydra-planed in s bad down pour. Yes, the back tires needed replacement. $600

Today, my son needed four new tires on his Rav4. Okay, he is married with a kid so he probably should buy his own. But he is my only son … and my only grandchild rides on those tires. $1000 (you are worth it Sammy)

I hate to see the price tag when I have to replace the tires on the FJ Cruiser.

As I think of on all of this, I think about fear. Fear is a big sales tactic. Insurance companies get you to think about if something should happen, fear. Sales Force Training web site says this …

“Fear is often used as a sales tool, albeit in a subtle way. Have you ever seen the Michelin tire TV ad, the one with the baby floating around in the tire? Did you think they were selling babies there? Of course not. What they are doing is using fear (the fear of losing a loved one) to sell tires. After all, you wouldn’t want your family driving on inferior tires that may blow and cause an accident.”

Even those that share the gospel might use fear. I mean, spending eternity in Hell is a pretty scary thing and it should invoke great trepidation. But the greater emotion shouldn’t be fear, but love. Love is greater than fear.

After all, the Good News isn’t be afraid – it’s you are loved.

As John tells us in his letters … perfect love, complete love, His love, His provision … cast out, overpowers, is greater than … fear!

Today, I chose not to live by fear. And the world has a lot of scary things, places, people. But … and this is a BIG but … God’s love is greater. That is my focus.

And I love how good it feels to be driving on new tires.






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