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New Tires

New Tires

They are essential. We all need them. Well, everyone who drives, rides, or abides in vehicles with round, rubber, steel or kevlar belted donuts needs them. We call them tires.

I have heard the world’s rubber supply is limited. I guess that means prices will continue to climb. But everything continues to climb in price, doesn’t it?

But, tires are essential. And good ones are highly essential.

Last week, my wife hydra-planed in s bad down pour. Yes, the back tires needed replacement. $600

Today, my son needed four new tires on his Rav4. Okay, he is married with a kid so he probably should buy his own. But he is my only son … and my only grandchild rides on those tires. $1000 (you are worth it Sammy)

I hate to see the price tag when I have to replace the tires on the FJ Cruiser.

As I think of on all of this, I think about fear. Fear is a big sales tactic. Insurance companies get you to think about if something should happen, fear. Sales Force Training web site says this …

“Fear is often used as a sales tool, albeit in a subtle way. Have you ever seen the Michelin tire TV ad, the one with the baby floating around in the tire? Did you think they were selling babies there? Of course not. What they are doing is using fear (the fear of losing a loved one) to sell tires. After all, you wouldn’t want your family driving on inferior tires that may blow and cause an accident.”

Even those that share the gospel might use fear. I mean, spending eternity in Hell is a pretty scary thing and it should invoke great trepidation. But the greater emotion shouldn’t be fear, but love. Love is greater than fear.

After all, the Good News isn’t be afraid – it’s you are loved.

As John tells us in his letters … perfect love, complete love, His love, His provision … cast out, overpowers, is greater than … fear!

Today, I chose not to live by fear. And the world has a lot of scary things, places, people. But … and this is a BIG but … God’s love is greater. That is my focus.

And I love how good it feels to be driving on new tires.

Fear vs. Focus

I walk funny. It’s not an arrogant stride or a sexy swagger. It may turn heads, but not in the cool way. It’s a slight limp/stiff back/weird wobble type of stride. Don’t get me started on what my so called run/jog looks like. Add to that my often apparent lack of grace at times … I will trip over a flat surface, run into walls (that appear out of nowhere), and seem to always end up with the wobbly chair. Yep, like Maxwell Smart is the smooth spy, I am the smooth operator of life.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have an excuse or two. Spinal issue, a couple of car wrecks (not my fault), the way I sat as a kid (momma said it would come back to me), or a work injury in my college days. Pick one or all. And I will take walking funny as opposed to what I feared one day years ago.

Why go into this? Here’s why – there was one day years ago. It was shortly after my work injury. I woke up early in the morning and was paralyzed. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t feel anything below my neck. I literally laid on my back and began to panic.

I had great fear, I mean GREAT fear. Images popped into my head – wheel chair, lifetime paralysis, and worse. I screamed.

Maybe, this is what the disciples felt spiritually that weekend Jesus was in the tomb. Maybe this is what Peter felt after denying Christ. Could this be the emotional equivalent of what Paul felt after being blinded on the road to Damascus?

Fear … it paralyzes, it harms our health, and even leads to premature aging.

So the key – refocus. It’s not about getting distracted from our fears, but focusing on something that is greater. Hebrews 12 tells us to keep our eyes on Jesus, for He is the one who started us on our journey and He is the same one who will get us through it.

We can trust Him. He is worthy, and He is greater.

Back to my story. I screamed. But then I closed my eyes and prayed. I focused on Him. My paralysis didn’t disappear (well it did, but not instantaneously). But I lay there and I was at peace. Never walk again – that’s okay, wheelchair – God’s got me, whatever comes – He can handle it.

COVID19 got you down? He’s bigger. Job on the line? He’s got a plan. Health scare? Nothing He can’t get you through.

Like 2 Kings 6, we need to just pray to have our eyes open so we can see what God already has in place all around us. from ‘oh no, what shall we do?’ To ‘Wow!’ Don’t panic – just change your perspective.

So don’t fear, just change your focus.

Friggatriskaidekaphobia … Shaking in My Boots

friggatriskaidekaphobia or paraskevidekatriaphobia. Do you have this syndrome? They mean the same. The first is Norse, the second is Greek. They both mean …


Yes. That eerie day where dark omens appear, black cats roam, and things go bump in the night. No one knows where it got it’s origin of its connection to creepiness. Some say it relates to Jesus … he died on Friday and had 13 at his last meal. Which is also the reason a dinner party with 13 is also considered unlucky. Some connect it to a royal French edict to arrest and kill hundreds of Templars. Who knows.

There are some harbingers of doom connected to this eventful day … the bombing of Buckingham Palace, a deadly cyclone killing over 300,000 people, and the death of Tupac, to name just a few.

So here are a few bits of trivia …

  • Every year has at least one, but never more than three.
  • The master of creepiness himself was born on Friday the 13 – Alfred Hitchcock.
  • Some cultures hold that Tuesday the 13th, not Fridays, are unlucky.
  • The day inspired one of He most profitable film series … Friday the 13th. 12 movies, television series, game, books, and the iconic villain – Jason and his hockey mask.

But for me, I don’t believe in bad luck. I am not worried about a certain day, nor a man in a hockey mask showing up. And I will not be caught in fear of a man made tradition.

For God does not give us a spirit of fear. That is a pretty potent truth! But the rest of that truth is powerful too …

He gives us a spirit of power and of love and of a sound mind. And that’s what I will focus on today, and everyday. Will you join me?

Power … he is with me, around me, protecting me, and providing

Love … he loves me, and desires I show that love to everyone – for he loves them too

Sound mind … so stop fretting and get rid of the friggatriskaidekaphobia

Have a great Friday!

Fear is …

Lisa used to love scary movies. Then she moved out of the house and lived by herself for a bit before we got married. Everything changed. Now, she doesn’t want to watch horror flicks at all (except the old Bela Logosi era shows). Maybe movies like The Strangers are a bit too realistic. Now, was it the living alone or getting married to me that makes her really scared? I will never really know what goes on in that mind of hers.

I am traveling these couple of days. Headed back to Virginia for some business and hopefully see my mother. There have been a few scary moments on the road. There was one section near Atlanta where about a half dozen motor cyclist were going near 100 and weaving through the cars like a Fast and Furious movie scene. One almost nicked our front fender. Now I wasn’t scared for me, but I just imagined the rider flying through the air to land in front of on coming truck.

To my point … I am a bit scared of the future. As I ponder alternate treks of my journey, which is the best? What if I choose wrong? What if I fail? Calvin is looking at some career choices too. He ponders the same questions. Whether one is a millennial just figuring out life, or a boomer still searching, we face the same questions, the same concerns, the same … fears. What if?

Lisa wrote a great entry on her connections2excellence today. She emphasized two aspects of God’s character – He is eternal and He is enough. He will always be there, never leaving my side, and never losing sight of me – even if I make a few missteps. And, he is enough – provides and protects.

What if? Doesn’t matter, God is alway there and always taking care of me. What if? He won’t leave me or give up on me. What if? Every step of my journey, God knows and will not be caught off guard. All things work together for the good … even through the what ifs.

So I can take my fears and leave them with Him. This weekend, it is some scary stuff, I often wonder what if. But in the end, God is eternally enough and enough for all eternity.

See Lisa’s whole article here.

Image: dreamicus.com