FEARLESS? – cm#1of10

Fearless? Was I? Am I? Are you?

Over the next several posts (or so) I will share ten childhood memories
and lessons I glean for today.

Fearless? Was I? Am I? Are you?

I was a child many years ago. More than I care to count. But in many ways, many still consider me childish, but let’s move past that for now. My childhood was an adventure, many highs and definitely a few tough spots too. I lived in the limelight, being a preacher’s kid, a true PK – and almost everyone has a tainted view of PKs. I was the youngest of four. Now that is good – mom loved me the most (so I continue to say) and I got in less trouble than the others. I mean I was a good kid, solid student with good grades, and very little acts of rebellion in my childhood years. But being the youngest, I was picked on, even beat up by my elder brothers and even my sister.

But I was a bit fearless. I remember doing some bold things, some might say even stupid things.

In my late tweenage years, we lived in NOVA (Northern Virginia) in a little DC suburb called Triangle. The road upon which we resided was Nob Hill. It was a dead end road that had a very good descent from the end of it to the stop sign T-intersection. The quarter mile or so road was solidly down hill and great for a dare devil act.

Though I was a little bigger than the toy allowed, I made ample use of the hard plastic, try-wheel “Big Wheel.”

Back then, the Big Wheel had a hand brake that you would pull up and the friction against the rear wheel would cause the transportation device to lock up on one side and spin out to a fantastic stop.

So down the hill, peddling like a madman, and gaining speed more and more before the final stretch where the brake would be pulled, the spin out begin, and the exhilaration of fearlessness in the face of the danger. No helmet. Did they even make them that far back? No forethought. No concerns for personal safety. Down – Faster – Down – and spiraling to my doom. For If I pulled the brake too soon – the others would mock me. If too late – into the cross road one would go. This was a skill that would make Evel Knievil give solid approval. (look him up you Gen-Z-ers)

But I survived. I don’t even have any scars that I remember – at least from this exercise.

As I ponder this, I think of the fearlessness and boldness that age has removed from me. Maybe it’s wisdom that such acts are foolish. Maybe it’s society that puts protection a priority in many ways (helmets, safeguards, etc). Maybe it’s the fact that everything is on social media and now bold acts are mocked and ridiculed. So we don’t take bold steps very often.

I have been challenged once to answer a question, “What has happened in your life that can only be a God thing?” Basically, what fearless step of faith have you taken lately?

Unfortunately, too little. Too often. For these days, we plan, we look at what we can accomplish by our skills, our resources, and our reasoning. We play it safe. We don’t venture out of our comfort zone too often.

The lesson I want to learn is I pray I can take some bolder steps in 2023. I pray fear doesn’t rule my life. I pray that I know God is always with me. And, if necessary, I pray God pulls the brake before it’s too late.

What bird acts of faith will you do this year? What will you say 12 months form now when someone asks, “What has happened in your life that can only be a God thing?”





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