Fear is …

Lisa used to love scary movies. Then she moved out of the house and lived by herself for a bit before we got married. Everything changed. Now, she doesn’t want to watch horror flicks at all (except the old Bela Logosi era shows). Maybe movies like The Strangers are a bit too realistic. Now, was it the living alone or getting married to me that makes her really scared? I will never really know what goes on in that mind of hers.

I am traveling these couple of days. Headed back to Virginia for some business and hopefully see my mother. There have been a few scary moments on the road. There was one section near Atlanta where about a half dozen motor cyclist were going near 100 and weaving through the cars like a Fast and Furious movie scene. One almost nicked our front fender. Now I wasn’t scared for me, but I just imagined the rider flying through the air to land in front of on coming truck.

To my point … I am a bit scared of the future. As I ponder alternate treks of my journey, which is the best? What if I choose wrong? What if I fail? Calvin is looking at some career choices too. He ponders the same questions. Whether one is a millennial just figuring out life, or a boomer still searching, we face the same questions, the same concerns, the same … fears. What if?

Lisa wrote a great entry on her connections2excellence today. She emphasized two aspects of God’s character – He is eternal and He is enough. He will always be there, never leaving my side, and never losing sight of me – even if I make a few missteps. And, he is enough – provides and protects.

What if? Doesn’t matter, God is alway there and always taking care of me. What if? He won’t leave me or give up on me. What if? Every step of my journey, God knows and will not be caught off guard. All things work together for the good … even through the what ifs.

So I can take my fears and leave them with Him. This weekend, it is some scary stuff, I often wonder what if. But in the end, God is eternally enough and enough for all eternity.

See Lisa’s whole article here.

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