Removing the Bandages

My wife took a sabbatical. No, not from me (please don’t tell her that might be an option.) She took one from posting on her blog. Well, she’s back baby. And I thought today’s was exceptional. So I want to give you her post for my post. After all, what’s mine is hers and what’s... Continue Reading →

Entering that door … Surprise!

Surprises. Some love them. Some despise them. Others are like ho-hum. I am the latter. And so is my son. I drove 2500 miles just to see surprise him. The excitement filled the room, albeit a tiny, itsy-bitsy room. But we both know it is kind of cool, for that’s how I roll. More on... Continue Reading →

She Danced With Him First

Not another wedding story! Yes. I only have one kid so this kind of took a lot of our attention. We left Dallas yesterday - pretty early. Didn't expect to see the couple again so off we drove - until a couple hours out, Calvin texted and wanted to hug his mother good bye. No... Continue Reading →

Fear is …

Lisa used to love scary movies. Then she moved out of the house and lived by herself for a bit before we got married. Everything changed. Now, she doesn’t want to watch horror flicks at all (except the old Bela Logosi era shows). Maybe movies like The Strangers are a bit too realistic. Now, was... Continue Reading →

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