Entering that door … Surprise!

Surprises. Some love them. Some despise them. Others are like ho-hum. I am the latter. And so is my son.

I drove 2500 miles just to see surprise him. The excitement filled the room, albeit a tiny, itsy-bitsy room. But we both know it is kind of cool, for that’s how I roll. More on lessons from this trip later.

For today, I want you to enjoy a great article written by my wife. It is 2 minutes of your time that really is exciting. Click here to read the whole article. But here is a snippet …

What a thrill to watch one who has pressed on to reach a goal! We may think of examples of those competing in a race though they were injured. Either a competitor or someone from the stands comes to help them to the finish line.

There will be a day when believers will go through a victory gate–the gate in which one passes from this life into eternal life. Revelation 21 describes the …

Finish reading the article, click here

Keep on rolling people. And be excited!





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