Once upon a time … a gift was born!

Once upon a time, there was the first born child of a magical family. The father was a minstrel that had travelled around Nashville, but settled down to the noble profession of royal messenger. The mother, who wooed the minstrel from his frolicking in music, was tender, caring, and precious. She assisted many on their... Continue Reading →

Removing the Bandages

My wife took a sabbatical. No, not from me (please don’t tell her that might be an option.) She took one from posting on her blog. Well, she’s back baby. And I thought today’s was exceptional. So I want to give you her post for my post. After all, what’s mine is hers and what’s... Continue Reading →

Entering that door … Surprise!

Surprises. Some love them. Some despise them. Others are like ho-hum. I am the latter. And so is my son. I drove 2500 miles just to see surprise him. The excitement filled the room, albeit a tiny, itsy-bitsy room. But we both know it is kind of cool, for that’s how I roll. More on... Continue Reading →

Obstruction vs Opportunity

This week is a series on comparisons of outlooks during the time we shelter in place. I don’t want to destroy anybody’s wonderful image of me - especially when it comes to my classy way with people. So if you don’t want to be disillusioned, skip today’s blog. For when I began my initial efforts... Continue Reading →

Got Outside – Guest Blog

Wide open spaces. Fresh air. Few people. Some articles say it is the lowest vulnerable activity if social distancing practiced. So today, I give a blog from another page. Here is a teaser... Welcome to Faith Connections Friday! It is a joy having you today! For the next several weeks until Easter, we will identify... Continue Reading →

My Best Valentines – Ever

Dating. If there ever was an adventure in life, dating would near at the top of the list. The emotional rollercoaster. Love bombing. Becoming vulnerable. Stashing. Ghosting. Benching. Breadcrumbing. Catfishing. The DTR moment. Lockering. And so much more. And yes, it’s been awhile since I’ve had to deal with any of this - unless you... Continue Reading →

You’re in Love

Who is it? How do they make you feel? What passion is it that drives you into their arms? In all the lands, there are love stories and love songs. I have my playlist that I go to when I enter into that mood where I think about my beloved Lisa. Music can calm you,... Continue Reading →

Anxiety Attack

Her body was tense. Her hand squeezed the life out of my hand. She showed fear and looked at me like I was crazy and sending her to her demise. But I am getting ahead of myself. Let me back up. Yesterday, Lisa was off work for a Memorial Day work holiday. So we took... Continue Reading →

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