AA for the Win

Though an admirable organization that has helped thousands, I am not referring to what most think of when they hear 'AA'. But I am referring to administrative assistants ... or executive assistants, or the most correct term, administrative professionals. This career path is so honorable, so essential, and so under appreciated. Now, I may be … Continue reading AA for the Win

She Loooves Me, She Misssses Me

25 years ago, I left Dallas to come to Virginia to serve at a church. For a few months, Lisa stayed in Dallas with our son, Calvin. Today, I came across a letter she sent me. It said that she missed me. Calvin missed me. They stayed up at night watching Barney, reading books, and … Continue reading She Loooves Me, She Misssses Me

A Couple of Songs Hit Home – and a Cat Video

Okay, I got more comments on Lisa’s guest entry than any of my previous posts. If I didn’t know how much greater she was than me, you guys showed me. Nah, I already knew I married up and I got lucky, real lucky. So how do I follow that up - well, I talk about … Continue reading A Couple of Songs Hit Home – and a Cat Video