Obstruction vs Opportunity

This week is a series on comparisons of outlooks during the time we shelter in place.

I don’t want to destroy anybody’s wonderful image of me – especially when it comes to my classy way with people. So if you don’t want to be disillusioned, skip today’s blog. For when I began my initial efforts with the glorious woman who would become my wife, I was more of a slobbering idiot than a smooth operator. And i know you can’t believe it, not much has changed.

So, there she was. A smile that lit up a room and made my heart all a flutter. A quiet and strong woman that I couldn’t get out of my mind. I planned, I bought tickets to a concert (of which I knew she liked the performer), I built up the nerve and made my move. But something didn’t work out so well. She was part of a trio that never separated. I could never get her alone. So I did what any guy would do – I asked all of them out. What a goober. I only had two tickets.

Fortunately, she/they said no – for they already had tickets and theirs were better than mine. My heart was broken, but I didn’t have to scramble for more tickets.

This was an obstruction – more than one actually. She had said no, I couldn’t get her away from the two others in her posse, and I didn’t know what to do next. So after deep thought, I planned again, I somehow got her alone (I think), and I made my move.

Eventually, I asked her for enough dates that I wore her down – and she said yes. SHE SAID YES.

And through this journey, I’ve stumbled more than I’ve shined. Yet nothing will change the fact she said yes!

The initial setback was depressing. Obstacles and detours. Rejections and dismay. So I had the choice: do I go home defeated or look at the scenario as an opportunity?

Churches and individuals today are faced with a similar dilemma. We can hide in our houses and wait for normalcy (which probably has been lost forever) or look at this time as an opportunity to expand and redefine our way of doing ministry. Not that we have to throw out former ways, but we can expand our outlook.

Can’t meet – then expand your online presence. Can’t fellowship – then reach out through snail mail, or Zoom, or just learn to call and talk to people again instead of text alone. Can’t go to FUGE or summer camp – design your own weekend catered to you kids and make it personal. Can’t preach to an audience – try a drive-in worship or interviewing someone for worship.

We couldn’t do an egg hunt, so we did a drive around scavenger hunt. Also, our community had people put stuffed animals in their windows/yards for a area wide safari photo shoot (my bear was a bit different, having been captured by a dragon.)

Paul was obstructed from going to Asia – so he went to Galatia and other places. The obstacle to go East opened opportunities for other mission work.

This season of life we’re in, will you be beaten by the obstacles or see them as opportunities from God?

I will not be deterred – opportunities are what I see.





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