No, I didn’t just put random letters in the title. It stands for “a pretty darn cute public service announcement” Now I don’t normally do any PSAs on this blog. You can get those many other places. But this one is pretty creative. Rick Warren, pastor of a pretty good size congregation, author of a... Continue Reading →

Alone vs Aware

Much of my life growing up wasn’t normal. Part of that is due to being a preacher’s kid. But I just didn’t do things the normal way sometimes. Like how I started my life as an independent adult. Same as many others, but different. Most kids grow up, maybe head off to live on a... Continue Reading →

Obstruction vs Opportunity

This week is a series on comparisons of outlooks during the time we shelter in place. I don’t want to destroy anybody’s wonderful image of me - especially when it comes to my classy way with people. So if you don’t want to be disillusioned, skip today’s blog. For when I began my initial efforts... Continue Reading →

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