No, I didn’t just put random letters in the title. It stands for “a pretty darn cute public service announcement

Now I don’t normally do any PSAs on this blog. You can get those many other places. But this one is pretty creative. Rick Warren, pastor of a pretty good size congregation, author of a few books that sold quite a few copies, has now gotten into writing musical PSAs. Let me introduce you to the ….

The Quarantine SHAKE.

In an attempt to help us remember the five recommendations from the CDC, the five habits we are to be practicing, the five lifestyle actions we should be doing even if no quarantine … the Quarantine SHAKE was born. Now put to music and having a dance too, what more could you ask for to help kids (I mean big kids too) remember.

So, watch the 1 min vid ….

Learn the five …

  • Stay at home
  • Hand wash often
  • Avoid your mouth
  • Keep your distance
  • Elbow cough

Start to SHAKE wherever you are.





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