My Best Valentines – Ever

Dating. If there ever was an adventure in life, dating would near at the top of the list. The emotional rollercoaster. Love bombing. Becoming vulnerable. Stashing. Ghosting. Benching. Breadcrumbing. Catfishing. The DTR moment. Lockering. And so much more.

And yes, it’s been awhile since I’ve had to deal with any of this – unless you count having to explain all of this to my lovesick puppy of a son when he was wooing that princess he just got hitched to.

But looking back, there was one VDay I remember, and it took place while I was dating the last person I would ever date. I had laid my cards out too early – I dropped the L word before she was ready. But then, bam, she returned the action a few months later – on Valentine’s Day.

She shot my heart on VDay!

She loves me. She wants to kiss me. I was king of the world and flying high. She also gave me a stuffed bear – which I still have. Val is his name. And not because she thought Val Kilmer was hot (which she did/ does/whatever). She was my California Girl – and I’ve been hooked ever since. And I had found the one I want to date forever.

But I also know my identity is not found in her – and hers is not found in me. Our identity is not about the here and now but the hereafter. It’s not about temporary but the eternal.

Single? that’s okay, truly wonderful. Married? Absolutely great, but doesn’t mean God loves you any more or any less. Dating? I’m sorry. Just kidding. But best wishes.

Your identity can only be of worth if it is found in God. An identity that is not achieved but is received.

And if you want to know real love, Jesus is the one you get to know.

Happy Valentine’s Day.





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