Once upon a time … a gift was born!

Once upon a time, there was the first born child of a magical family. The father was a minstrel that had travelled around Nashville, but settled down to the noble profession of royal messenger. The mother, who wooed the minstrel from his frolicking in music, was tender, caring, and precious. She assisted many on their journey, making others better and more efficient. She cared for those around her, showed hospitality to all who entered her abode, and cooked scrumptiously almost every Sunday for this soon to be son in law.

They first lived near the cliffs of the oaks, just in the shadow of the bustling metropolis of D. And their love produced two playful and heavenly daughters that would make the world oh so much more delightful. Later, they would migrate south, all the way to the land of DeSoto, home of eagles.

The first of their heirs, the heaven sent gift of smiles and sparkling eyes, would be given the name Lisa.

Lisa … a name deep in the roots of Hebrew, German, Greek, and English. Regardless of the language, Lisa’s meaning is spiritual; the name is said to mean “oath from God,” “devoted to God,” or “my God is bountiful.” The Hebrew meaning is derived from the name Elisheba, which also references the lily flower.

So this spiritual, lily flower of a joy was born. The year is withheld and pointless, for the joy is eternal.

The tales and legends of her journey on this world could fill books. But for today, let’s just share some of her wonderful attributes …

  • Her smile was the first thing I noticed about her. It showed joy, love, and an inward trait of faith in God through all circumstances. (Yes, I still get that from her smile)
  • Her spiritual thirst. From the first Bible study groups we were in together, to watching her daily routine of study, devotion, verse memorization, praise in song, and more … she is truly like a deer panting for the water.
  • Her patience. She married me didn’t she. But this is seen in all circumstances.
  • Her love for her son … the spoiled brat that he is, it’s her fault. Always supportive, always praying for him, always. And it kind of stung this past week when she flew to Dallas just to spend time with the love of her life. (I thought that was me?) And not surprisingly, she now has expanded that bubble of love to our new daughter in law. I just hope she leaves some of that love for me.
  • Her willingness to serve and help others. Her profession as EA (executive assistant) fits her demeanor. If it was a spiritual gift, it’s hers (helps is a gift you know).
  • Her tenacity. She keeps at things. She told me that as a child, she would slowly work on the bolts on her crib. Little by little she would work to remove them and to escape her captivity. That tenacious spirit has stayed with her … in her studies (she just got a college degree this year) and with me. She stuck with me through thick and thin and all across the nation as my profession moves me around.
  • Her cordiality. She says hello to everybody. I mean, everybody. Guests at church, neighbors driving by, the people at the table next to us when we go out to eat, and the guy getting gas in the car next to us at the gas station, the dog running through our yard … everybody.
  • Warped sense of humor. Don’t get me wrong here, She has difficulty telling jokes and often misses the punch lines when I tell my masterful works of humor art. But she loves to laugh. And when she does, the smiling laughter lights up the room. FYI, she passed the inability to tell jokes to our son. I feel sorry for him and his wife because of this.
  • Her focus on the eternal.

I wish I had made her life easier. I wish we could be closer to our son geographically. I wish some of the decisions I made were more beneficial to her and her life, but I also know her love and patience are something I am so glad she has.

Today … it’s her birthday, but her being here is my gift.

Today … it’s her birthday. May it be blessed and may she know she is loved.






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