She Danced With Him First

Not another wedding story! Yes. I only have one kid so this kind of took a lot of our attention. We left Dallas yesterday – pretty early. Didn’t expect to see the couple again so off we drove – until a couple hours out, Calvin texted and wanted to hug his mother good bye. No delay was too long for that.

I calculated where they were – where they were headed – where we were – best place to meet without too significant a loss of time.

Paris. We could go to Paris. The city of lights – love – mystery … or a small farm town in northeast Texas. Yep, the second one. Detour, and a long wait at Starbucks (if there is a Starbucks, Lisa will find it.)

But no delay was too long – it was worth it. Some bonding time. Some exchange of convo, she signed my rock I took from the venue (oh yes I did – and it was the first time she ever signed her new name as one officially owning that new name) … and final hugs for this trip.

It was worth it. For before that woman came in, took him away, and danced with our son – before then, he danced with his mother long before her. They danced to Barney, to Power Rangers, and more. Then at the wedding, they danced again – to Beyoncé this time. Halo – for she was and is his angel. He even got her a halo to wear.

She danced with him first. And will gladly yield to his new dance partner. But she is always willing to dance anytime with her greatest joy.

I encourage you to read the words from her own heart – with a special spiritual challenge included.

Thank you for anxiously awaiting the posting of this blog! I am sure you were counting the hours to find out the outcome of the wedding of the century! The ceremony beyo

Nope gonna make you go to her blog to read it. Enjoy

Here is the blog insight from the one that danced with him first.





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