Chicken Little People – are toxic


The sky is falling. The sky is falling. Chicken Little is someone familiar to a lot of us. They show up in family life, schools, government, media, businesses and even churches.

Let’s go back a little bit – the story first shows up in the early 19th century. The Grimm Brothers included a story similar in some of their early works. You see it under Henry Penny, Chicken Licking and Chicken Kluk. It is not a light hearted story, in spite of it being made into a children’s book and even a children’s animated movie. 

The story line is similar – an acorn, part of the ceiling, anything … falls on the head, or tail, of Kyling Kluk, (aka Henny Penny, aka Chicken Little …) He tells others, they start following him, and eventually head on a journey to tell the king. 

Here, the story turns dark – Foxy Loxy lures them into his lair and eats them.  Ouch – dark – not the easy going Disney version.

The toxicity comes to those that are like Chicken Little. The sky is falling. All is lost. The World is ending. Woe are we.  Fear dominates and paralyzes.

Russia is going to nuke everyone.
This cough is cancer.
China and the US will be in WW3 by 2024.
Global Warming.
I lost my keys means I’m getting Alzheimers.
Zombie Apocalypse caused by a Covid variant is starting.
ISIS is attacking.
Biden will win re-election (or Trump is returning)

Fear is all they think about.  

And this is poison to the believer. Toxic to the Church. Never mind the Bible says hundreds of times to “Fear Not!” Never mind the Bible teaches that God is sovereign over everything. 

Fear is all they think about – it dominates their lives. And when fear is present, God takes a back seat. Fear drowns out what He is trying to show us.

Fear: God isn’t enough. God’s not strong enough. God doesn’t know enough.

This doesn’t belong in the church. This doesn’t belong in the life of a believer.

Faith: God is enough. God is strong enough. God is all-knowing and all-wise.

Maybe the children’s story is closer to reality then we think. Not that the sky is falling but that this fear leads to destruction – to deception – to destruction.

So we help people to grasp …
perfect love – His love for us, His selfless perfect acts of mercy and grace
casts out – gets rid of, eliminates, destroys
fear – a lack of trust and hope in God, His power, His presence

Perfect love casts out fear – and that’s powerful!

So, fear not. Trust Him. The sky may one day fall, but even if that, He has it all in control.





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