Haters Gonna Hate

History has no shortage of hatred. And it’s so deep you can’t just shake it off.

You can go back to the earliest days with Cain and Abel. You can see it in every continent on this globe. And as “enlightened” as we think we have become, we have not eradicated or learned the lesson.

I’m not referring to hatred in general, but hatred of our fellow man/woman. Yesterday (January 27) was Holocaust Remembrance Day. The darkness and evil of mankind it’s real. The efforts we make as a society need to be serious and relentless.

When hatred goes unchecked, and when the checks and balances in government and society that protect fundamental freedoms are lost, violence and mass atrocities can result … We are committed to helping build a world in which the lessons of the Holocaust are taught and in which all human lives are valued. (Whitehouse statement on Holocaust Remembrance Day)

I think we have a responsibility to shine the light of love and compassion that confronts hate. We should do everything we can to shape a future where the darkness is driven out.

But in everything we do, it will not be enough. Yes, we have a responsibility to choose love over hatred (see yesterday’s entry) and we can make a difference. But the problem is our hearts. Our very inner being. And that my friends is broken and wicked. Oh, we can do some things, make great strides, and do decent things. But it’s like trying to jump from California to Japan. The span is wide and our efforts, as noble as they may be, have us land a few meters off the shores of the Golden State – wet and still a long way to go.

The only remedy is a heart transplant. Not a patch, not a bypass, nor a stint. We need a new heart. And that’s what God does.

So remember and learn from the Holocaust. Strive to help your fellow man.

But if you want to make an eternal and deep impact – share the message of love and hope from Jesus.





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