Taking Up Arms … or … Dropping To Your Knees

We are all seeing the same stuff …

  • Riots across the country (and world)
  • Politicians acting entitled and spoiled
  • People impacted by the pandemic
  • Media pointing fingers and calling people names
  • Vitriol on Twitter, FB, IG, Parler, and more
  • Family members turning on each other
  • Food lines getting longer
  • Senior Adults being isolated
  • Morality being rewritten
  • Suicide rates climbing
  • and so on

I’m not trying to bring you down today, but just want to give a solemn challenge.

Are you more likely to get defensive, snarky, and snap back … more likely to spew words to offend and put others in ‘their place’ … daring them to block you on social media (counting that as something to be proud of) … and hoping those on the ‘other side’ get their just dues.

or …

Are you more likely to be hurting emotionally over the state of affairs in our world … broken for the lives of so many as we see the darkness gain victories in our world … and try to help others as opposed to hurt others.

Today, let’s just stop a minute, evaluate our responses, and see how one person responded and was blessed by the Lord …

Another way to see it is in “A tale of two responses”. In January, hundreds stormed the Capitol to bring down people. A few months prior in August, thousands came to DC to pray and lift up people. The January events get all the news, bring soldiers to town and divide us. The August event gets little news coverage, brings politicians out to join them in prayer and is forgotten by most.

Which has the greater impact? In the short run, the riot. In the eternal, the prayers. In the news, the violence. In the hearts, the peace. Ripping us apart, tearing us down – words of hatred. Lifting us up, drawing us together – words of love.

So I ask again. Will you take up arms or drop to your knees? For me, the answer is obvious.






2 responses to “Taking Up Arms … or … Dropping To Your Knees”

  1. Dad4Gracie Avatar

    Thank you for reminding of these two contrasting scenes. Which will be choose?


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    […] in everything we do, it will not be enough. Yes, we have a responsibility to choose love over hatred (see yesterday’s entry) and we can make a difference. But the problem is our hearts. Our very inner being. And that my […]


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