Spy Wednesday – Holy Week Hump Day

Three days before the cross. A day that many traditions recognize the “spy” amongst the disciples – Judas. Just the name brings sadness, scorn, shivers and shaking of heads. We ask how anyone could have been so close to Jesus and do such abominable acts.

Did he do it out of jealousy? Out of a desire to force Jesus into using His power to set up the kingdom Judas himself thought should be in place? Out of desire for power himself? Or just greed?

Picture origin unknown

One of the traditions of this day is Tenebrae. The word is from these Latin for shadows or darkness, and candles are extinguished one by one, emphasizing the light is being extinguished and darkness is growing. No matter the reason for the betrayal, I do believe we can say the Light in Judas’ life was slowly ebbing away as he focused on his way, his desire, his reasoning.

There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death.

But Tenebrae also has the Christ candle grow in light. That’s the hope, that’s the joy, that’s the truth – Jesus is the Light and that light can never be extinguished.

So don’t let darkness slip in, do stay in the Light, walk in His grace and love, and surrender your desires, your ways, your life to the True Light. As Jesus put it, we are to die to ourselves daily – and walk in His ways as children of the light, children of the day.

What will you do today today to stay in the light? Read your Bible – talk with God – memorize a verse – share His love.

Stay in the light.





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