Are You Getting Ready? He Is

It’s coming, you can’t stop it, it’s going to be here ready or not. And good intentions will not please those who are filled with expectations. Sometimes we know when ‘it’ is arriving (whatever ‘it’ is). Sometimes we don’t and the wait seems forever and we lose hope.

Christmas is 21 days away. People still are shopping. Trees still need to be put up and decorated. Rooms need to be prepared for guests (I have one tonight and I am not ready). Travel arrangements, food supplies, cars inspected (yes, I have a 12 sticker), and so much more.

God waited for just the right time to burst on the scene in Bethlehem (see yesterday’s blog), and even though He seemed to be absent, He was always (and always still is) at work.

Calling for a census long before the birth just to get Mary in Bethlehem at just the right time. Bringing the Magi by star was not an overnight flight – they came by came 600 to 800 miles. Having Elizabeth bear cousin John. Providing resources through the Magi that enabled the escape flight to Egypt. I could go on … but basically He was protecting, preparing, providing, and providentially steering the events of history.

And He is still doing this today for you and for me. We may feel overwhelmed and overlooked. But know He is at work. This should bring comfort and a catalyst for is to also get ready for when He opens doors of opportunity.

He is still protecting, preparing, providing, and providentially steering the events of history.

Like the carol – Let every heart, Prepare Him RoomJoy to the world, the Lord has come.

Today – prepare yourself – He wants to do even greater things. Are you ready?





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