Globes of Light

They’re popping up everywhere. Round balls of lights dangling from tree limbs, patio ceilings, and anywhere high enough to hang. Solid colors of blue, green, red, purple, and white. And then there are the multicolor Christmas colors splattering out lights of warmth and holly, jolly festivity. So I ventured into this. I YouTubed the procedure... Continue Reading →

Finding Peace

As I write this, threats of winter storm Gail is blowing into my area of the country. We are just on the edge of the storm, so I don’t expect too bad of ice and wetness. Yet, already people are freaking out. Stockpiling. Closing schools. Filling car tanks. Getting generators ready. They want to be... Continue Reading →

Wonder & Amazement

This time of year is full of wonder and amazement. We are in awe of the lights, the huge displays, the smiles on children’s faces. As I grew, I wondered about the magic of Santa ... How does Santa get all around the world in one night?What does he do if there is no chimney?... Continue Reading →

Joyful > Seriousness

To those who read my blog, I thank you. And you personally know the wonderful nuggets of wisdom, deep theological truths, and powerful practical insights that are posted with every - single - post. (Typed in jest, some days I look back and scratch my head as to what was I thinking, lol.) But this... Continue Reading →

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