Travel Time – Is Getting There Half the Fun?

They say that getting there is half the fun. I’m not sure who “they” are. Maybe it’s the travel industry. I am not sure they can say that anymore. Plane delays, cramped seats, traffic jams, car repairs, and the unknown always taking place. But it surely isn’t my family’s mantra. Whenever I did my road… Continue reading Travel Time – Is Getting There Half the Fun?

As a Seeker, May We Not Settle for Lies

I was a seeker, for light in a dark world. I looked for truth, but settled for lies ... such are the opening words from a Gold City’s dramatic tune. I can remember as a child my mother hiding our Christmas gifts. Tops of closets, in the blanket chests, trunks of cars. For if she… Continue reading As a Seeker, May We Not Settle for Lies

Die Hard … is … Home Alone, for Adults

My son called yesterday. Something he normally does on his drive home when he is bored and has no one else to call. We call this action ‘pulling a Tuck.’ An inside joke. So he called me and said he was headed home where his newlywed wife had gotten home and made some chili. So… Continue reading Die Hard … is … Home Alone, for Adults

Are You Getting Ready? He Is

It’s coming, you can’t stop it, it’s going to be here ready or not. And good intentions will not please those who are filled with expectations. Sometimes we know when ‘it’ is arriving (whatever ‘it’ is). Sometimes we don’t and the wait seems forever and we lose hope. Christmas is 21 days away. People still… Continue reading Are You Getting Ready? He Is

God Is Never Late

Silence. No prophets has risen for over 400 years. That’s about the same time length since my home state commonwealth was originally a colony. That’s a long time. Had God abandoned His people? The people were oppressed and life seemed gloomy. They longed for rescue. They waited. And they wondered. While God rarely arrives at… Continue reading God Is Never Late

A Charlie Brown Christmas Tree, the National Christmas Tree, and the Grinch

Christmas Eve. Shortly after awakening, I read the Charlie Brown Christmas Story in my iPad. Interactive, games (collect ornaments), dancing moves to mimic, and a great telling of The Real meaning. Now I no longer have a tree. It left ten thousand too many needles on the floor, so I relocated it back to the… Continue reading A Charlie Brown Christmas Tree, the National Christmas Tree, and the Grinch