Santa Came from China, through Alaska, Memphis, and Appomattox

New Toy – Big Smile. But the add-ons have vexed me! And a lesson for all of us!

Christmas came early. I got my new MacBook Air M1 computer. I gave my request to Santa (via the Apple Store) and he supplied. He first warned me that it would be late, but he got his reindeers hooked up and delivered it to me this week.

I tracked him. He started in China, landed in Anchorage, flew to Memphis, routed through Lynchburg’s distribution center, and then the Santa truck drove right up into my driveway.

It has been such a difference. This upgrade to my ten year old Apple product is a relief. I have already saved hours in work hours because I no longer wait for the computer to finish spooling. My phones and iPads are talking to the computer again. I can get my mail on my computer again.

My wife says it’s my latest toy, and maybe she’s right.

But it hasn’t been without hiccups. The new Air doesn’t have a DVD burner. And the external one I just purchased doesn’t work with it. It works with my old MacBook but not this one. Back to Amazon it goes.

And the hub I got is a great little device (CalDigit’s SOHO hub). Since the new computer only has 2 USB-C/Thunderbolt 4 ports, I had to get this hub to connect the second monitor and any older USB devices. This hub has worked great in all its ports but one, it wouldn’t read any USB devices at all.

I called tech support, I reached out to CalDigit (they were stumped too!) The only option was to send it back. They promised to lab test another one to make sure it worked before the send the new one to me. Great service!

However, between the morning and the afternoon tech support communications, something happened. Apple updated the macOS. I went from 11 to 11.1. And wallah … the hub began to communicate. It read all the devices I connected to it. (Well, not the DVD burner … that still has to be returned.) The thumb drives, the external hard drives, everything.

What a great feeling.

Here’s the lesson. We have so many people not talking. So many politicians just hitting mute whenever the ‘the other side’ opens their mouths. So many family members carrying baggage and bitterness that it divides loved ones.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could do a simple update, a bump from 11 to 11.1 and start talking again. What would Washington look like if that happened?

Maybe you’re like my old computer, stuck in 9.3 macOS and just refuse to update. Maybe you’re new and need a simple .1 bump. Maybe your like the DVD and just need complete replacement to work. It may be hard, difficult, even seem impossible. But what’s impossible for man isn’t impossible for the Miracle Worker.

And Christmas is all about miracles.

So, the computer may have come through Shanghai, but I am thrilled with the update. What will it take to update your relationships, your attitude, your life? That’s exactly why Jesus came, to bring change! Let Him change you.





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