Christmas in 2 … Looking Back to Look Forward

Part 3 of 4 … Two days to Christmas. We look back to that original Christmas Day with such celebration. But for centuries, they looked forward to it.

This week, each day, we will see something from the Hebrew Scriptures, the Old Testament text, that points to the event for which they longed.

The Point in Time …

We’ve seen the place (Bethlehem) and the presents (Magi/treasures presented), but another aspect is the timing. The very words of Daniel 9 point to the clear truth that God is the author, keeper, and controller of history and of future events alike. Basically, we are on his timetable and he is not on our timeline.

We are God’s timetable – not the other way around!

Tucked in chapter 9 of Daniel is the seventy sevens – a passage that has caused head scratching for centuries. But looked at in depth, seeing the events of the next 450 or so years, many see this passage pointing to the coming of the Messiah who would …

  • Finish transgressions
  • Make an end to sins
  • Make reconciliation for iniquity
  • Bring in everlasting righteousness
  • Be anointed as the Most Holy

Paul writes in Galatians 4 about when the fullness of time has come … just the right time. This uses a concept of the glass is full, ready to overflow. That’s the timing of Jesus bursting in on the scene. Perfect timing.

We are God’s timetable – not the other way around!

– me

So stop fretting about the future. God is in control.

Last thought – don’t look for scripture to know exactly when he is coming back again. They asked Jesus that one day and he said that was the wrong things to ask. No one knows – just keep on sharing the good news. That’s our job now.

So, joy to the world the Lord has come. At just the right time too. And until he comes back, I’ll keep on praising, keep on sharing, keep on waiting, keep on working! He’ll come in his timing, not mine!

For a great article shedding some light on the 70 sevens, look at this one by Jews for Jesus





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