Letter to a Santa – the Day after Christmas

Dear Santa,

Well, it’s me. Yes it’s been awhile. And more years than others I’ve probably been on the naughty list not the nice. I know I blow it … anger, pride, unkind remarks, doubts, thoughtless actions, just to scratch the surface. But I thank you for giving me some slack.

This letter is not to ask for anything. Well, maybe that 2021 won’t be like 2020. Nope, this letter is to say thank you. Do you get many of those? I know you get lots of requests and wishes and dreams. But do you get thank you letters? I hope this is one of many.

Yesterday, I stayed home with my wife. We relaxed and watched the Santa Clause trilogy. The second is my favorite by the way. Tim Allen does you justice. And the third one does make me squeamish when ‘hugging’ is what saves the day and thaws Jack Frost. It was a day in which I did hardly anything, and I say thank you for allowing me to have one of those days.

Also, thank you for technology. I got to call my mother. She didn’t remember it was Christmas, but she did remember me. It was a tough conversation but I thank you for the technology that allows it. I can’t imagine the loneliness and isolation she is feeling. Her tears flowed but I hope I cheered her up a little. My wife called her father too. 1400 miles apart seems so close with technology.

And especially I am thankful I got to talk to my son and daughter-in-law. The distance is oh so hard. But they were surrounded by her family and friends, and I am glad he has that powerful and loving support group. I do hope to see him in April, and his mother may get there before then. Thank you for his wife, my new daughter. Thank you for their love.

He called a while back and said, “Marriage is hard.” Duh. But anything of value is worth the work, worth the effort. And the perks are pretty special. Thank you for them being … them.

Thank you for the gifts. They seem pale in comparison to the love I have from and for my wife. But the gestures just show a glimpse of how we care for each other. It’s not the dollar value or number of gifts … it’s the precious nature of the one who gave them.

Christmas brings up so many fond and unique memories. Next year I’ll write about those. But this year, I just want to say thank you one more time.

Thank you,

From the child inside Todd

PS … okay, two more requests for 2021. First, can I get to the mountains more this year. And second, I would love to spend more time with my son.

That’s all, I promise. (For now at least)





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