The Lights of Peace

The Messiah is called “Prince of Peace!” The angels cried out, “Peace on Earth!” Really? Look around. It doesn’t really look like peace. Forget the lack of harmony between people, which keeps escalating, look at nature ... hurricanes, natural disasters, fires, pandemics, and so on. So “Peace on Earth” seems to be a stretch. Or... Continue Reading →

Searching for the Tree

Christmas Trees ... expressions of personality, delights to children, reminders of Christmas joy, and targets for cats to stealthily bring down when no one is around. Trees have made the news this season. The Rockefeller tree through all its transition is the biggest. Then there is the shopper who found a koala bear in the... Continue Reading →

What’s in a Name?

There are things that define us. Actions which we do that speak volumes. Clothes we wear that label us. Looks we give that stick with others. And of course, names we are given that end up staying with us most our lives. (Think 'Fruit Loops' given time Howard on TBBT) And sometimes, these ‘nick names’... Continue Reading →

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Some songs have journeys that are amazing. Such is the case for Baby, It’s Cold Outside. This song has had some really big highs and some really big lows. Written in 1944 by Broadway legend Frank Loesser, the original intent would surprise people. It was written to be sung at their housewarming party as the... Continue Reading →

Are You Getting Ready? He Is

It’s coming, you can’t stop it, it’s going to be here ready or not. And good intentions will not please those who are filled with expectations. Sometimes we know when ‘it’ is arriving (whatever ‘it’ is). Sometimes we don’t and the wait seems forever and we lose hope. Christmas is 21 days away. People still... Continue Reading →

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