Over the Hills and Through the Woods

Today I am headed East to see my mother. It’s one of those events many do around the holidays – traveling to see family. And it’s both joyful and daunting.

It’s daunting – for family knows us. Our flaws. Our failures. Our frustrations – things that we call pet peeves. And they know how to push our buttons – and they are not hesitant to push said buttons. My mother will talk of me being out of shape, how the other siblings pay her more attention, and how I should get jeans without holes in the knees.

One of the few pictures of me as a kid – Christmas at Grandparents

But it is joyful too for they are family. I see the love in her eyes and have the heritage of faith her and my father have passed on to me. So I delight in the time I can spend with her. It’s about a 7 hour round trip, so a visit is an all day event. But I am glad we still have her – knowing so many would give so much to just say I Love You again to ones they have lost.

And every time I talk to her, visit, or even think about her – I grieve over the impact age has had – memory loss and more. Her short term memory dystopia has taken an effect. I am grateful her long term memory is mostly intact.

In this holiday season – remember to embrace those friends and family that are around. Make memories. Forget the trivial daunting things and focus on the love and joy of relationships.

Life gets muddy – but family doesn’t care. They will get in the mud with you. That’s family.

Merry Christmas!






3 responses to “Over the Hills and Through the Woods”

  1. Dad4Gracie Avatar

    A very nice post, and the ending was perfect. Safe travels!


    1. Todd K Estes Avatar

      Thank you so much
      Was a good trip to Hampton Roads
      Which I believe is your neck of the country
      Have a blessed holiday

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Dad4Gracie Avatar

        Sorry for taking so long to respond. Yes, my chickens and I are in Portsmouth, and we have relatives out your way too in Bedford! Hope you and yours will have a Happy New Year!


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