Day Three – Road Trip ‘21

Day Three - Food, Family, Shopping So, First Full Day in DFW. It’s kind of weird. I spent so many years saying Dallas, but I am actually in Fort Worth/Keller. Oh I’ve crossed the D city limits, but only passing through. Is it being mean to Tarrant County to push the name Dallas? It’s like... Continue Reading →

Parent-Child Lessons Flow Both Ways

It was a moment in time that changed every way she viewed her mother. One author wrote that she remembers the exact moment she realized she had changed roles with her mother of caretaker-nurturer. She was driving and her mother was in the passenger seat. At one point, the daughter had to brake suddenly. So... Continue Reading →

Top Ten … Sibling Snippets

It's a day late ... for both top ten and for siblings. But yesterday (4.10.19) was national sibling day. I've got three and I am blessed. So here are top ten snippets from my noggin of moments that impacted me on my journey. Yes, most memories are with Jon, but he is closest in birth... Continue Reading →

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