Day Three – Road Trip ‘21

Day Three – Food, Family, Shopping

So, First Full Day in DFW. It’s kind of weird. I spent so many years saying Dallas, but I am actually in Fort Worth/Keller. Oh I’ve crossed the D city limits, but only passing through. Is it being mean to Tarrant County to push the name Dallas? It’s like saying mom loves me most (which she does) but not thinking about my poor neglected siblings. I’ll have to be more thoughtful. Me being so thoughtful is why mom continues to love me more.

The day started out looking for a breakfast spot open at 5:30am. Plenty of What-A-Burgers and donut shoppes. A few Starbucks, but I wanted a diner or something. And there she was, Joe’s Pie Coffee & Cafe. PIE!!!! It’s like Google Maps listens to my conversations, even reads my thoughts, and pumps out on the Google search what I want. That is kind of scary (and probably more true than not!)

So sneaking out of the house, praying they didn’t set the alarm, I headed to Watauga and a delicious slice of apple pie. I didn’t want too much, for once the fam was up, they wanted First Watch. I took PegLeg in with me. And the grandmotherly waitress was hesitant to have her picture made with the PegLeg. Oh well, some people just don’t get me.

Pie + Coffee + Quiet time = a great morning.

Fort Worth, Keller and Roanoke Texas aren’t so much different than my little country life in Appomattox. There are cows everywhere. Lots of trees – but they don’t get as big in Big D. Trees just don’t make it too long. You have traffic – but more of that here – lots more. LOTS MORE. People live in communities – maybe a bit closer together here. And WalMarts. Okay, I haven’t seen Dollar General in 48 hours, maybe Virginia has the market cornered on that – almost every corner on that.

Here’s a difference. Texas high school sports were advertising for the high school rodeo competition. I don’t remember that in the ACPS. I wonder if little Faith T would do a bronc busting for 8 seconds!

Breakfast was a delight. Watching my two love birds share their meal, encouraging new and fresh tastes, and banter a bit was enthralling. Unfortunately, I see a little of me in Calvin and for that I apologize to my D-in-L. There might be some frustrations that my habits passed on to him will bring to her.

After First Watch – my DIL went her way, a full day with her sister and ministering to a single mom getting her triplet daughters ready for Prom – make up day. WOW, can you imagine. Single mom. Single mom of triplets. Single mom of triplet teenagers. She deserves hazard pay, a bravery award, and some Zanex.

Calvin and I went south to meet with Lisa’s fam. That was delayed, so we went shopping. Calvin delights when we go shopping. Should I be buying the 30 year old entitled snot everything he wants? I’m cursed with a shortcoming when it comes to my favorite kid. Another difference of Dallas-Fort Worth and Appomattox … shopping options. No trip to just Walmart, or the big city of Lynchburg. Nope – Malls, Outlets, Specialty Stores.

Interestingly, after most of our shopping destinations have been accomplished, I asked if there was something his wife has been wanting. He laughed and said in all of this, he hadn’t even thought of her. Not good. Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned that. But it’s just too fun to get him squirming.

Finally, we got with Lisa’s father and Lisa’s qwerky sister. The time was enjoyable. Her father is getting better now that his church is emerging from Covid restrictions. There is something about worshipping together that online just can’t meet. We loaded the car with memorabilia, some of her mother’s stuff, lots of photos (to take back and scan into a digital format) and etc.

In the evening, they took me out for my birthday (just three weeks away). If it was my birthday celebration, why did I buy him stuff?

On my bucket list for the trip – Marty B’s. A great BBQ, Western spot. One aspect of this busy Saturday night was with hundreds at the mostly outdoor venue, nary but a few masks were seen. It was as if Covid didn’t exist and life had returned to somewhat of a normal routine. This meal, this time with them, this was the reason I am here to visit.

Back home, Hulu, and dogs. A normal evening in their homestead.

Time with family is precious. It doesn’t matter if city, country, on the road, snuggled in a house – family time can’t be replaced. We need each other.

Tomorrow – worship at Gateway and time with my eternal family. We need each other.





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