DAY 8 – Road Trip ’21

DAY 8 - Men’s Summit What is real achievement? What do you do that really means something - eternally? This trip, I came to Dallas for a few reasons … I desired a break - some time away. I love what I do, and being there brings me joy. But God made us creatures designed... Continue Reading →

DAY SIX – Road Trip ‘21

DAY SIX - the end of myself ... It was deceptive - getting me hooked and then pulling all sense of hope out from under me. It was dangerous - 30 inch cliff trails, loose rock, and not a small fall to my doom. It was death - pushing me beyond what I thought I... Continue Reading →

DAY FIVE … Road Trip ‘22

Today, it all focuses on the letter “W.” What a Wonderful Way to Write the Whimsical Whisperings Wrangling in my head. West - It is the fifth day. And while a whole bunch of it was spent driving west, so much more happened too. So many wonderful things. I woke up early, in the wee... Continue Reading →

Day Four – Road Trip ’21

An interesting day. Another early rising - so I ventured out to 7 Mile Cafe here in Keller. A delightful breakfast spot. Being there almost at opening, very few had ventured out as of yet. There is something about having a diner almost to oneself that helps with staying focused and being centered on God... Continue Reading →

Day Three – Road Trip ‘21

Day Three - Food, Family, Shopping So, First Full Day in DFW. It’s kind of weird. I spent so many years saying Dallas, but I am actually in Fort Worth/Keller. Oh I’ve crossed the D city limits, but only passing through. Is it being mean to Tarrant County to push the name Dallas? It’s like... Continue Reading →

Road Trip ‘21 – Day One

Lessons I Learned in the past 24 hours - Be Flexible … Be Alert … Humor … Hiking … Hollowness These insights are longer than normal. I normally would break these down to multiple days, but so much has happened in the past 36 hours, I just want to get it down. Read one section,... Continue Reading →

Road Trip ‘21 … Getting Ready

I’m less then 24 hours away ... what will this entail? About 4000 miles with out the fun excursionsMany hours behind the wheelMen’s Encounter Conference at GateWayHot Springs NP (Arkansas)Carlsbad Caverns NP (New Mexico)Guadalupe Mountains NP (west Texas)And most importantly ... time with my son and daughter-in-law Now, today is the ‘get it all together’... Continue Reading →

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