DAY 8 – Road Trip ’21

DAY 8 – Men’s Summit

What is real achievement? What do you do that really means something – eternally?

This trip, I came to Dallas for a few reasons …

I desired a break – some time away. I love what I do, and being there brings me joy. But God made us creatures designed with a rest bitten inside of us that needs to be pushed every once in a while. And while I am exhausting myself with driving, hiking, et al – I am also resting from the normal routine I have.  Each of us need some time away. You need some time away. Stay at the top of the game people.

I wanted to see my son. Twice a year is about what we have now. I can handle that – technology makes us close through FaceTime, texting, sharing pics, and other means all throughout each and every day. But there is the sweet time of being with him and my DIL. I know my wife needs more than twice a year with him. But me, two times is all I can afford. Really. Do any of you compensate one’s absence with excessive spending? Let’s call it love. Guilt may be closer to the truth, but let’s stick with love.

I wished to hike – to knock off some bucket list items and see the beautiful creation of God, the explore this blessed nation we call America, and acknowledge the resources our tax dollars are support in the National Park System. Hot Springs NP, Carlsbad Caverns NP and Guadalupe Mountains NP. Three new hikes in three states. Take time this week to see the wonder of nature around you. Go to a park. Ride through the mountains. Watch a sunrise/sunset from the shores of a beach/ocean/lake/river. Or, just look out your window some and see the flowers, the birds, the beauty.

I NEED Revival. I am also taking two days to attend a Men’s Summit – an excellent men’s conference with blood pumping music, brain stimulating entertainment and powerful Word-Centered, life transformational, story-challenging preaching. Men from all over geographically – Men of all ages – Men of every race, color, make up – Men numbering in the thousands. Men all seeking a time of REVIVAL. It is a marvel in a world that is divisive, polarizing and discouraging – here are thousands of men saying, “You can’t tear us apart, we are United through Jesus Christ – deal with it!” And when it comes to summits I climbed this week, this summit is the one that will impact eternity. (Full report on this Summit will be the next posting. For now, know I am enjoying the rodeo at church, the street tacos and food trucks, the fearless mask removing-worship embracing time.)

Jonathan Evans – Son of Tony Evans and Chaplain for the Dallas Cowboys.

Relationships are important – especially family. Relaxing is vital – our perishable bodies need it. Regarding nature is rewarding – seeing how the heavens declare His glory draws us closer to the Creator.

But REVIVAL – that is eternity impacting, life transforming, relationship healing, miracle providing, people changing, light casting – darkness dispelling, wisdom granting, bonds breaking, walls destroying, mountain moving time. 

I desire a break. I want to see my son. I wish to hike.

BUT I NEED REVIVAL – and so do you.
New breath into the old bones. New hope for broken lives. New confidence in a chaotic world.

BUT I NEED REVIVAL – and so do you.

What are doing about that?






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