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Lessons from a Little Mouse

I wrote I am in the Metaverse now. Is that capitalized? One word? Two? So many questions. I haven’t bought too many apps – first trying to take advantage of the free stuff.  Though, I did buy one game – Moss. The little mouse ventures through a wonderfully created world of crazy crabs, friendly frogs and sneaky sprites. Me? I am The Reader that accompanies him and assists where I can.

As I go through this adventure (in moderation), I am learning a few principles …

  • Hit the crabs quick and mercilessly … he who hesitates is lost
  • Learn which button jumps and which button swings the sword .. we need to learn what works and what doesn’t … we are pragmatic people after all
  • Learn to listen … the mouse gets advice from sages and others on the journey’s path … the mouse gives advice to The Reader on which way to go and how to act

But the biggie lessons is so important and needed in this world.  It is about the health of the mouse …

  • Occasionally the mouse needs to have me restore his health … and there are so many times we need to stop, rest, and be restored by our Lord … that’s what the Sabbath rest is all about

But here is the dangerous lesson we actually have to learn …

Death is final

In Moss, the mouse dies. Dies a lot. Sometimes by my actions (fall into the water, etc) and sometimes by accident (shot by a crazy crab’s fire bomb).  But in the game, the mouse immediately comes back to life. He shakes off the water and is ready to continue the journey. He never is completely lost or never completely out of the game.

Oh, if life was such that way. But it isn’t. There is a point that when we make decisions that are costly, consequential, or careless, the results are real. No do-overs.

And because of that, we need to take this life serious as we prepare for the next, and final life. It is appointed unto man once to die, and then the judgement.

God’s grace is great. He gives so many chances. But when all is said and done, well, all is said and done.

Don’t take chances with eternity. Really, don’t take chances.

DAY 8 – Road Trip ’21

DAY 8 – Men’s Summit

What is real achievement? What do you do that really means something – eternally?

This trip, I came to Dallas for a few reasons …

I desired a break – some time away. I love what I do, and being there brings me joy. But God made us creatures designed with a rest bitten inside of us that needs to be pushed every once in a while. And while I am exhausting myself with driving, hiking, et al – I am also resting from the normal routine I have.  Each of us need some time away. You need some time away. Stay at the top of the game people.

I wanted to see my son. Twice a year is about what we have now. I can handle that – technology makes us close through FaceTime, texting, sharing pics, and other means all throughout each and every day. But there is the sweet time of being with him and my DIL. I know my wife needs more than twice a year with him. But me, two times is all I can afford. Really. Do any of you compensate one’s absence with excessive spending? Let’s call it love. Guilt may be closer to the truth, but let’s stick with love.

I wished to hike – to knock off some bucket list items and see the beautiful creation of God, the explore this blessed nation we call America, and acknowledge the resources our tax dollars are support in the National Park System. Hot Springs NP, Carlsbad Caverns NP and Guadalupe Mountains NP. Three new hikes in three states. Take time this week to see the wonder of nature around you. Go to a park. Ride through the mountains. Watch a sunrise/sunset from the shores of a beach/ocean/lake/river. Or, just look out your window some and see the flowers, the birds, the beauty.

I NEED Revival. I am also taking two days to attend a Men’s Summit – an excellent men’s conference with blood pumping music, brain stimulating entertainment and powerful Word-Centered, life transformational, story-challenging preaching. Men from all over geographically – Men of all ages – Men of every race, color, make up – Men numbering in the thousands. Men all seeking a time of REVIVAL. It is a marvel in a world that is divisive, polarizing and discouraging – here are thousands of men saying, “You can’t tear us apart, we are United through Jesus Christ – deal with it!” And when it comes to summits I climbed this week, this summit is the one that will impact eternity. (Full report on this Summit will be the next posting. For now, know I am enjoying the rodeo at church, the street tacos and food trucks, the fearless mask removing-worship embracing time.)

Jonathan Evans – Son of Tony Evans and Chaplain for the Dallas Cowboys.

Relationships are important – especially family. Relaxing is vital – our perishable bodies need it. Regarding nature is rewarding – seeing how the heavens declare His glory draws us closer to the Creator.

But REVIVAL – that is eternity impacting, life transforming, relationship healing, miracle providing, people changing, light casting – darkness dispelling, wisdom granting, bonds breaking, walls destroying, mountain moving time. 

I desire a break. I want to see my son. I wish to hike.

BUT I NEED REVIVAL – and so do you.
New breath into the old bones. New hope for broken lives. New confidence in a chaotic world.

BUT I NEED REVIVAL – and so do you.

What are doing about that?


Some Things Come to an End … Some Things Don’t

I’m not sure when it started dripping. But yesterday, I know when it stopped dripping. I didn’t see it start but I saw it end.

The story … It started off as a normal Saturday morning. I headed to the normal diner for my normal order. But just one mile from home, normal took a turn. The engine began to act funny. It revved. It ran smooth. But the transmission acted as if it was in neutral. So I cut my trip short and headed to Page’s Garage. Only not to Page’s. My wonderful vehicle rolled to a stop in a driveway halfway between home and the garage.

The transmission fluid had spurt all over the engine and dripped all over the ground. You can actually see the drip trail from my mailbox, down White Pine where I took a u-turn to see the Sunflower Patch, turned left to proceed up Cedar Tree, went under the railroad tunnel, out 460, turned on Morning Star and ended up in a parking lot. Even a day or more later, the trail of transmission fluid is still there.

It is said from the day we are born, we all are headed to one destination, the grave. (I’m not trying to be morbid here, just contemplative) So we are on a journey, and sometimes we break. It’s as if life begins to drip out of us … drip, drip, drip. But every once in a while, we drip a whole lot faster.

We have a choice. Ignore the drip and we run ourselves to the ground. Or, we take care of ourselves, fix the drip, change the fluids, and we will last longer. But in the end, there’s still an end … to this life.

People, we are not cars. We don’t break and that’s it. We are not replaceable with new models. Each and every one of us is a unique creation of God and we were created for eternity. Not eternity here. But somewhere else.

My eternity, my destination after this life is secure. Jesus came to provide a way to be with Him, forever. The perishable will become imperishable. And to all who believe and call on the name of the Lord, you too can have the security.

This life ends. Are you ready for when it does? If you want to know more, message me and I will share more.

Closing note – Matt T hooked up the tow strap and got me to Page’s. We will see what is next for my car. Hopefully some more journey is left in it.

How Long Will You Live?

When I was a kid, I rarely ever thought about this question. This weekend, I went to three funerals. So it got me to ponder it.

Have you ever thought about it? Are you ready for retirement? What kind of health will you be in? Where will you live? Which kid will be stuck with you?

I saw an article yesterday that listed the 10 best countries to live in with minimal finances. I will need that list later if not sooner.

But I think we are missing the key point. We have an outlook that is way too short. We think we are headed to 65, 70, or even a hundred.

Before I get to my point, let me approach it from a different angle. From the perspective of a parent – when you think about how long your kid will live, are you preparing them for the fullness of their existence.

How long will your kid live? The answer – forever. Yes, eternally. And you will too.

Our short time on earth is just that – a short time. And we should use it to prepare for eternity. As I raised my son, I think I missed that point too often. I focused on happiness, skills for jobs, health, education – and yes, those should not be ignored. But it is the eternal that should take the priority in it all.

So, what are some ways we can do this …

  • Prioritize your relationship with the Lord over all eternity
  • If He is over eternity, and since He has revealed to us His way (the Bible), spend some time in the Word
  • When you look at things – remember they are temporary. When you look at people – remember they are eternal. So treat them as such.
  • Don’t fret over the temporary

Don’t let obstacles along the road to eternity shake your confidence in God’s promise. The Holy Spirit is God’s seal that you will arrive. – David Jeremiah

When you live in light of eternity – your values change … Rick Warren

Have a great day – but remember, it is just one day in an unending line of days!

My first five of 2020 to do every day.

Day 5 … be a blessing to someone

Day 4 … let others see Jesus in you

Day 3 … sing more, it’s healthy

Day 2 … power of staying positive

Day 1 … live with eternity in mind (this entry)