Some Things Come to an End … Some Things Don’t

I’m not sure when it started dripping. But yesterday, I know when it stopped dripping. I didn’t see it start but I saw it end.

The story … It started off as a normal Saturday morning. I headed to the normal diner for my normal order. But just one mile from home, normal took a turn. The engine began to act funny. It revved. It ran smooth. But the transmission acted as if it was in neutral. So I cut my trip short and headed to Page’s Garage. Only not to Page’s. My wonderful vehicle rolled to a stop in a driveway halfway between home and the garage.

The transmission fluid had spurt all over the engine and dripped all over the ground. You can actually see the drip trail from my mailbox, down White Pine where I took a u-turn to see the Sunflower Patch, turned left to proceed up Cedar Tree, went under the railroad tunnel, out 460, turned on Morning Star and ended up in a parking lot. Even a day or more later, the trail of transmission fluid is still there.

It is said from the day we are born, we all are headed to one destination, the grave. (I’m not trying to be morbid here, just contemplative) So we are on a journey, and sometimes we break. It’s as if life begins to drip out of us … drip, drip, drip. But every once in a while, we drip a whole lot faster.

We have a choice. Ignore the drip and we run ourselves to the ground. Or, we take care of ourselves, fix the drip, change the fluids, and we will last longer. But in the end, there’s still an end … to this life.

People, we are not cars. We don’t break and that’s it. We are not replaceable with new models. Each and every one of us is a unique creation of God and we were created for eternity. Not eternity here. But somewhere else.

My eternity, my destination after this life is secure. Jesus came to provide a way to be with Him, forever. The perishable will become imperishable. And to all who believe and call on the name of the Lord, you too can have the security.

This life ends. Are you ready for when it does? If you want to know more, message me and I will share more.

Closing note – Matt T hooked up the tow strap and got me to Page’s. We will see what is next for my car. Hopefully some more journey is left in it.





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