Lessons from a Little Mouse

I wrote I am in the Metaverse now. Is that capitalized? One word? Two? So many questions. I haven’t bought too many apps – first trying to take advantage of the free stuff.  Though, I did buy one game – Moss. The little mouse ventures through a wonderfully created world of crazy crabs, friendly frogs and sneaky sprites. Me? I am The Reader that accompanies him and assists where I can.

As I go through this adventure (in moderation), I am learning a few principles …

  • Hit the crabs quick and mercilessly … he who hesitates is lost
  • Learn which button jumps and which button swings the sword .. we need to learn what works and what doesn’t … we are pragmatic people after all
  • Learn to listen … the mouse gets advice from sages and others on the journey’s path … the mouse gives advice to The Reader on which way to go and how to act

But the biggie lessons is so important and needed in this world.  It is about the health of the mouse …

  • Occasionally the mouse needs to have me restore his health … and there are so many times we need to stop, rest, and be restored by our Lord … that’s what the Sabbath rest is all about

But here is the dangerous lesson we actually have to learn …

Death is final

In Moss, the mouse dies. Dies a lot. Sometimes by my actions (fall into the water, etc) and sometimes by accident (shot by a crazy crab’s fire bomb).  But in the game, the mouse immediately comes back to life. He shakes off the water and is ready to continue the journey. He never is completely lost or never completely out of the game.

Oh, if life was such that way. But it isn’t. There is a point that when we make decisions that are costly, consequential, or careless, the results are real. No do-overs.

And because of that, we need to take this life serious as we prepare for the next, and final life. It is appointed unto man once to die, and then the judgement.

God’s grace is great. He gives so many chances. But when all is said and done, well, all is said and done.

Don’t take chances with eternity. Really, don’t take chances.






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