Day Four – Road Trip ’21

An interesting day.

Another early rising – so I ventured out to 7 Mile Cafe here in Keller. A delightful breakfast spot. Being there almost at opening, very few had ventured out as of yet. There is something about having a diner almost to oneself that helps with staying focused and being centered on God from the very earliest hours of the day.

While there, Lisa called and the visiting band had some technical questions. They also wanted a FaceBook sound test. It’s pretty cool to know I could help almost 1400 miles away. We walked through the test and it was fulfilling to stay involved.

The morning was spent getting ready for Monday’s road trip and also getting ready for church. For worship, we planned on going to Gateway. God has used them to impact so many. They reported over 300,000 watched or visited on Easter weekend. WOW. 300,000 plus people hearing the Easter message. May that seed produce great return!

After church, we went to Nebraska. No, not the state – the furniture store. They shopped and I talked to my wife on the phone. I enjoy her voice so much.

Later, may son and I went hunting. Not what most of you are thinking. We went looking for a root slayer shovel – sounds cooler than it really is. But we came up empty. Because of our failure as hunters, we had to dig up some dead bush stumps in the front yard – a requirement of the HOA. I am grateful that my HOA back in Virginia handles all of that. Of course my HOA is Dennis T and I appreciate he does all of that. 

The fun part of the digging – 3 small snakes. Wohoo.

Now to close out my day, two scary stories. First my daughter-in-law made dinner. She said spaghetti. But let me share it isn’t really spaghetti. Organic Brown Rice Noodles. Organic roasted garlic sauce. Organic beef. Where’s the preservatives? The red dye #5? Where is the taste. She is trying to kill me.

Second, Lisa texted good night. I picked up my phone and responded. I told her “Good night my love, sleep well.” Then a few more lines were sent before my chairman of the deacons responded and said I probably meant to text Lisa. A few more back and forth, a few more chuckles, and he closed it with “Good Night My pastor, sleep well.”  I really should be a bit more careful on those text backs.

Day four – one to remember and one to remind me to stay be alert.





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