Road Trip ‘21 … Getting Ready

I’m less then 24 hours away … what will this entail?

  • About 4000 miles with out the fun excursions
  • Many hours behind the wheel
  • Men’s Encounter Conference at GateWay
  • Hot Springs NP (Arkansas)
  • Carlsbad Caverns NP (New Mexico)
  • Guadalupe Mountains NP (west Texas)
  • And most importantly … time with my son and daughter-in-law

Now, today is the ‘get it all together’ day. Wash clothes, pack bags, get everything in order, load truck, and all the rest. I know I’ll forget something. I always do.

This one will be a solo. My wife can’t get away … her position is so demanding and she is so dedicated … she needs a break … but just can’t get away … maybe if her boss reads this he’ll push her out the door for a week or more. (Hint: if you know her boss, send a link to this post over to him – LOL) But when I head out in the morning, I will be headed out alone. My wife is a bit worried about my truck making the trip. Hey, it’s got over 300K miles, so I think another 5K is there. I am planning for another 100K, just not this week.

Life demands a lot of preparation. We plan, make our list, check off the tasks, and get ready for so many things. And a stitch in time saves nine. That’s what I hear. I really don’t understand sewing. It’s a lost art. Back to the issue. Life demands a lot of preparation.

But you can’t plan for everything. There are always the surprises, the unexpected, the unimaginable. Like Apollo 13, we sometimes have to make an O2 scrubber with tube socks.

In this, we can be afraid of what we don’t see. We can tremble at the unknown. We can live in fear.

Or …

We can trust a God who has you in his hands, who loves you and cares for you, who will take care of you. That doesn’t mean the unexpected won’t knock us around, but it does mean we can get back up. He is there.

So … I’m less then 24 hours away … what will this entail?

In the end, I really don’t know everything it entails. But I know I’m not really alone. And I know he goes before me, he is behind me, and he’s never going to let me go.

I’m less then 24 hours away … what will this entail? I trust him in everything.





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