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  • Mondays. Laundry. Naps.

    Mondays. Laundry. Naps.

    Mondays. This day is different for pastors. But not too different. We all have questions on the path we’ve taken. We all evaluate the labor of our hands. But where for most people, Mondays are the start of a work week … For me, it’s the look back at the weekend … a weekend that…

  • What Would You Change?

    What Would You Change?

    Christmas 2021 – Reminders for Next Year It’s over. The ornaments have been boxed. The lights have been stored. The living room is back to normal. And the kids have returned home. All we have left are the memories and the pictures stored in our phones. It wasn’t a white Christmas. But as I type…

  • Road Trip ‘21 … Getting Ready

    Road Trip ‘21 … Getting Ready

    I’m less then 24 hours away … what will this entail? About 4000 miles with out the fun excursions Many hours behind the wheel Men’s Encounter Conference at GateWay Hot Springs NP (Arkansas) Carlsbad Caverns NP (New Mexico) Guadalupe Mountains NP (west Texas) And most importantly … time with my son and daughter-in-law Now, today…