DAY FIVE … Road Trip ‘22

Today, it all focuses on the letter “W.” What a Wonderful Way to Write the Whimsical Whisperings Wrangling in my head.

West – It is the fifth day. And while a whole bunch of it was spent driving west, so much more happened too. So many wonderful things. I woke up early, in the wee hours well before sunrise. Took I-20 west from Fort Worth and turned off hours later to head to Carlsbad NM. Almost 8 hours behind the wheel.

Lesson … sometimes much has to be done to get to where you’re going. Few things worth attaining come quickly.

What-A-Burger. I stopped along the way to get a breakfast taquito. This was on my bucket list. Oh how I wish there was a What-A-Burger up my way.

Lesson … simple things are often very precious. So enjoy them.

Wide open spaces … West Texas. It is beautiful. Unique in its scenery. Flat as far as I could see. Cacti, cattle, clouds that go on forever and little towns miles and miles apart. Thank the Lord for Audible books.

Lesson … America, in her diverse landscape, is a beautiful country. From sea to summit. From city to small crossroads. From the Atlantic to the Pacific. America is blessed.

Windy … Wind Turbines. There were times I felt the 4 Runner pushed to the right or to the left. Wind rolling over the flat landscape and nothing to slow it down. If looks like tomorrow’s hike will be quite windy. Caution would need to be taken. West Texas was taking advantage of the wind with hundreds and hundreds of wind turbines. No shortage of that green energy here.

Wells … Oil Wells. Wind power wasn’t the only energy being produced out here. Thousands of oil wells – some pumping, some sitting idle. There was no shortage of here.

Double Lesson … free enterprise will look for opportunities whenever they may be.

Wife. I miss Lisa. Lesson … I miss Lisa.

And finally … my destination … Carlsbad Caverns.

In a word … WOW. No review did it justice. No simple picture can grasp its magnitude. The majestic stalagmite spires. The enthralling stalactites. Gigantic open spaces hundreds of feet below the surface. Artistic. Unique. An emanation of awe. And when you ponder the original explorers, it leaves you overwhelmed.

This product with in the Guadalupe Mountains was an island rising in the flat land of West Texas and southern New Mexico. Even the drive at the start of the National park was fabulous.

I encourage every one to make this trip one day. I leave you with pictures … which don’t do it justice.





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