DAY FIVE … Road Trip ‘22

Today, it all focuses on the letter “W.” What a Wonderful Way to Write the Whimsical Whisperings Wrangling in my head. West - It is the fifth day. And while a whole bunch of it was spent driving west, so much more happened too. So many wonderful things. I woke up early, in the wee... Continue Reading →

Walking with a Limp

Sore feet. Worn out legs. Exhausted (somewhat). Artificial hip. Ankylosing spondylitis. There are many reasons I walk a bit weird. As one person told me, I have a little hitch in my giddy up. So I often limp. But today, I need ... yes, need ... to get outside. So off to the Conner-Sweeney Trail... Continue Reading →

It Happens Every Blessed Morning

Some people just aren’t morning people. They wrestle with the sheets, hoping to lose the battle and end up trapped in bed with no escape - an escape they don’t want anyway. But something amazing happens every morning. The sun rises. It’s not extremely hurried - almost like it knows people are waiting, so it... Continue Reading →

Killing a Legacy

Don't miss what you were created for. It grew strong and lasted through many years. It was fruitful and grew to be proud among its peers. It was an evergreen, a pine to be precise. It's needles lasted in harsh summer and the coldest winters. Where the Tye River meets the James. Unique in its... Continue Reading →

Monday Minute

Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed. When was the last time you got outside, got away, and got alone with God? Maybe you need to do it a bit this week. It's peak leaf color week according to the specialists, as colorful as it can be in our dry Summer. But get outside... Continue Reading →

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