Top Trails in Virginia

Top trails in Virginia

This is not my list. This list originate with All Trails. But I’ve done them. All Trails has 2,124 trails in Virginia. I can n’er I’ve done them all but I’ve done ocean/bay front, city, suburb, foothills and mountains. I’ve scrambled the rocks, viewed majestic falls, gone off trail, and seen the wander of this great state. 40% of the Appalachian Trail is in this state and I’ve done portions.

Here’s the list …

  • Old Rag Mountain Loop (11+ miles) … by far the best and most wonderful trail.
  • Mcafee Knob (7.8 miles) … most photographed spot on the AT and possibly all of Virginia.
  • Hawksbill Loop
  • Dark Hollow Falls
  • White Oak Canyon/Cedar Run Trail Loop
  • Rose River Trail
  • Raven Rocks via AT
  • Stony Man via AT
  • Bear face Mountain Trail
  • Little Stony Man via AT

From 1 to 12 miles. All doable as day hikes. Some great views and better adventures. I’ve done alone and I’ve done with family. Both have merit but the family ventures bring the best memories. It doesn’t include Peaks of Otter, Mt. Pleasant or Mt. Roger’s (highest peak) and most are inside the Shenandoah National Park.

So what is there to say …

If you have just one … Old Rag is the one you’ll remember forever … but wear hiking shoes, no rookies for this one.

If you have just one …. McAfee is the one everyone will recognize. Getting your picture on the overhang carries a lot of creed.

If you have just one … it doesn’t matter, just go.

In the blue ridge mountains of Virginia
On the trail of the lonesome pine
In the pale moonshine our hearts entwine
She carved her name and I carved mine
Oh June, like the mountains are blue
Like the pine I am lonesome for you

… Tokyo Blade






One response to “Top Trails in Virginia”

  1. Sharon Hodges Avatar
    Sharon Hodges

    I have hiked too many trails to count, some long hikes, some short and sweet, some only once and some multiple times. One on my bucket list is the Creeper Trail. My motto: GET OUTDOORS!


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