The Lord is My Trail Guide

I was on the trail recently – a steep 2 mile trek at 25 degree, give or take. Cellar Mountain in the St Mary Wilderness in the George Washington National Forest. Wow, that was a mouthful.

The forest was empty. I saw nary a soul on the trail, except for the local deer running across the road or grazing in the forest. This extended hike, all alone, gave me plenty of time to think, plan, and ponder so many issues. I was going through scriptures and I specifically pondered two specific issues dealing with the trails. The first was how the church is made up of people in our lives that can also be seen in the metaphor of hiking gear (in an upcoming post!)

But the other was a look at the 23rd Psalm from the perspective of a hiker. While not inspired, nor as beautiful as David’s original … But here is my

The Lord is My Trail Guide

The Lord is my trail guide, He takes care of me in every situation.  
He takes me to open fields and green pastures. He provides all the nourishment and water I need. And He makes me take our needed breaks.
He refreshes me to the marrow of my bones. He knows the best trails, and he gets all the credit for those he guides.
Even though I may hit dangerous cliffs, deadly environments or life-challenging trails, I won’t be afraid for he protects me, corrects me, comforts me.
He prepares a campfire to hang around even though all the enemies peer down and watch. He anoints me, covers me with a layer of love and protection. He supplies everything and even more than needed.
Goodness and Mercy are following me on the trail and every day. And at the end of my trail hike on earth, he invites me into his lodge where I will dwell forever.

Have a blessed day!





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