What’s in a Name?

There are things that define us. Actions which we do that speak volumes. Clothes we wear that label us. Looks we give that stick with others. And of course, names we are given that end up staying with us most our lives. (Think ‘Fruit Loops’ given time Howard on TBBT)

And sometimes, these ‘nick names’ are not positive but derogatory in nature. Today however, let’s stay positive.

So, here at Christmas time, I want to mention 4 names given by a prophet who wrote over 700 before Christ came. These four names describe different aspects of Jesus. Think on these. Ponder them. Which one speaks to you where you are today?

Wonderful Counselor …. awesome, great, and wise giver of advise and direction.

Mighty God … powerful, has got your back (and I’m glad He does) God. The God. Not one among many, not the highest of the gods, but The one and only True God, the Living God.

Everlasting Father … eternal, always been, always will be Father who protects and provides.

Prince of Peace … bringer of a peace with God and the peace of God. In our chaos, He calms the storms and provides security.

Four names, four ways to see Christ, four powerful insights. This Christmas, remember whose birth we celebrate and who He really is.

Want to see a little more on these, check out my wife’s entries on these names. Check them out starting here.





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