Globes of Light

They’re popping up everywhere. Round balls of lights dangling from tree limbs, patio ceilings, and anywhere high enough to hang. Solid colors of blue, green, red, purple, and white. And then there are the multicolor Christmas colors splattering out lights of warmth and holly, jolly festivity.

So I ventured into this. I YouTubed the procedure and headed to the local hardware store for everything I needed. I had lights, plenty of lights. But I learned LED was the way to go. You can string more together and it doesn’t impact the electric bill as much.

I needed chicken wire (or poultry fencing, so to be politically correct.) I needed wire clippers too. Twisty ties are optional. Some YouTube clips recommended thick gloves, but I laugh in the face of danger … ha!

And then off to home I go with visions of soft hued globes dangling in the front of my homestead.

First, measure about 30-36 inches of chicken wire. Cut the wire. Roll it to for a tube of wire. Bend the ends together to attach side A to side B. Then carefully fold one of the open ends into the center. Keep folding and do the same to the other side. Mold and form a globe, a ball of wire that looks similar to a round globe. It was here I wish I got the gloves.

I also learned there are different sizes of chicken wire, in respect to the gaps on the wire. I think the smaller gap will be better next year. Probably keep the form better.

Take the lights and wind it around the globe. Keep winding, keep overlapping, keep winding. About 150 lights to a medium size globe.

Now what I didn’t get was extensions cords. Quite a few of these, along with paracord to hang them.

This is not hard work, but it is work. But in the end, I have a few wonderful light balls with which I am quite pleased.

Next year, I am thinking bigger. Not so much in number of balls, but size of the globes themselves.

Why, oh why? In the end, I am a kid at heart. I love to decorate and be a bit different. Being different comes natural for me. Can I get an “Amen”? but I also like to make others have a small smile, a moment of warmth, and maybe a little piece of Christmas cheer.

No Grinch here. I even gave my wife one of her gifts this morning. We are in a ice storm, so I let her have her cashmere scarf from Scotland … Buffalo print and all.

I challenge you. What are you doing to spread joy today? What are you doing to bring a smile to someone? In this season, many need to be encouraged.

Be the lights of Christmas! Not the Light, but little lights that point to the Light.

Again, be the lights of Christmas!





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