Searching for the Tree

Christmas Trees … expressions of personality, delights to children, reminders of Christmas joy, and targets for cats to stealthily bring down when no one is around.

Trees have made the news this season. The Rockefeller tree through all its transition is the biggest. Then there is the shopper who found a koala bear in the tree they brought home. And here in heartland Virginia, tree farms are selling out quickly.

For years as an apartment dweller, the use of real Christmas trees was prohibited. I could use small potted evergreens, but no cut tree was allowed. Now that I am no longer in an apartment, I desire to have real trees that shed, die, and need to be discarded before the new year rolls in. I love the smell, the ambiance, the feeling of accomplishment as I search for the right tree.

But alas, my local tree farm is not selling this year. They are letting the trees grow for another year. So I opened Yelp and looked for another local tree farm. I found an open farm, decent ratings (though dated 2018-19), and not too far away. I drove the 40 miles and my endeavors were to naught. They had trees, but the trees that remained left much to be desired. The needles were browning, the foliage was bare, you could see all their limbs, and they probably would not last more than a week or so.

So I turned around and headed home … empty truck.

I’ll still search. Who knows, maybe I’ll go creative. I’ve had trees made from crates. I’ve seen trees made from book stacks. Or maybe go with a twig tree … one with no needles to fall off. Options abound. Who knew that a search for a tree could be so vexing.

In the mean time, I will prepare. I’ve laid out my ornaments … all Peanuts/Charlie Brown theme. Characters from the mind is Charles Schulz lay on a table … organized and ready for the once a year escape from their storage bins. And this year, a surprise for my beloved will adorn whatever tree/plastic/metal contraption ends up in front of the big window. What is that wonderment I have planned? Can’t say. She reads this.

The joy is in the search. The thrill is it all coming together. The sense of fulfillment will be there no matter which way I go. And isn’t that much of life? The journey is the adventure.

So this Christmas, whether in search for a tree or search for that perfect gift … enjoy the journey, enjoy the search, enjoy life.





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