Joyful > Seriousness

To those who read my blog, I thank you. And you personally know the wonderful nuggets of wisdom, deep theological truths, and powerful practical insights that are posted with every – single – post. (Typed in jest, some days I look back and scratch my head as to what was I thinking, lol.) But this week, something became evident.

People are starving for joy, gleefulness, light hearted humor and positive posturing.

Oh, we may not be able to turn away from viewing the mayhem and madness and our attention may be drawn to the wreckage and disaster; but I really believe we want the good news, we need the good news, we are starving for the good news. Maybe that’s why SGN: Some Good News with John Krasinski was such a big hit.

So this week, I posted a pic online. And it got multiple shares, quite a conversation in the response section, and an overall tremendous and positive reception. To be fair, I ripped it from someone who I am sure did not create himself either.

Maybe that’s why Christmas is such a positive time … it’s good news. In the middle of our normal life of doldrums, madness, or winter blues, we get good news.

Can you imagine Joseph’s life here? You’re engaged to a beautiful woman. You’re planning a life together, building a house to grow a family, and filled with the anticipation of what the future beholds … and all that comes crashing down.

But bad news came … She gets pregnant, and it’s not yours. She tries to explain with a unimaginable story … right, like that ain’t gonna change your mind to what you think happened. Your future is destroyed. Your dreams lay in a shattered pile before you that just reminds you of the betrayal, pain, and heartache. You plan to be kind, so you are going to break it off gently and privately. You just want the hurt and the pain to go away – to make the madness end.

And then, a dream, a vision … an angelic message that what she shared with you is real, is true, is a God-thing. You still have to adjust, have to change your plans forever.

But can you imagine how the good news was received by Joseph. No longer dwelling on the wreckage but the positive. A joy and satisfaction that overwrites the hurt and sadness.

The tough part for Joseph was figuring out how to tell others so they would understand. Who would believe him anyway? In spite of it all, he now had Mary to share that joy with. For the joy she knew from what God was doing and going to do through the child within her was now shared with the one closest to here … Joseph.

Don’t focus on the madness, but focus on the Messiah. Look past the Coronavirus and see the Christ.

Good news and sharing the joy of the good news with friends and family – what a great part of Christmas. This Christmas, be joyful to share with family your time, your love, and God’s great hope through Jesus. And as serious as that is, it’s also great joy.

Joy to the world, the Lord has come.






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