I’ve Waited for This … the Newest iPhone

I watched the Apple Event. I fiddled with my cracked, scarred, and beat up iPhone 6 as I watched. I pondered if my present phone was jealous ... or elated that he could finally be put to rest. And I enjoyed the presentation for the 11. But what was it about the 11 Pro that … Continue reading I’ve Waited for This … the Newest iPhone

Paper Airplanes in Worship

Being a preacher's kid, church services as a kid were often ... underwhelming. It wasn't the worships themselves, it was the fact I was a kid that got easily distracted. Plus, I had to listen to that preacher all week long (not complaining dad, just saying). So I looked for things to keep my attention. … Continue reading Paper Airplanes in Worship

Tyranny of the Mundane

Ho-Ho-Hum From Ho-Ho-Ho to Ho-Hum ...Have you ever felt like Christmas can be bit stagnant, a bit passe’, a bit ho-hum. We grow up and we get so bogged down with mundane little tasks that occupy our time we seem the season has lost its sparkle, its wonder, its awe. Laundry, housework, choosing Christmas cards, … Continue reading Tyranny of the Mundane

Disciplines …. Habits of Grace … Means of Joy

I rarely talk about a book before I’ve read the entirety, but recently I was drawn to the cover of a new book by David Mathis. Mathis is a pastor and an executive at desiringgod.org. The book - Habits of Grace: Enjoying Jesus Through the Spiritual Disciplines. Grace is very important to me, (See previous … Continue reading Disciplines …. Habits of Grace … Means of Joy