Wonder & Amazement

This time of year is full of wonder and amazement. We are in awe of the lights, the huge displays, the smiles on children’s faces. As I grew, I wondered about the magic of Santa ... How does Santa get all around the world in one night?What does he do if there is no chimney?... Continue Reading →

Joyful > Seriousness

To those who read my blog, I thank you. And you personally know the wonderful nuggets of wisdom, deep theological truths, and powerful practical insights that are posted with every - single - post. (Typed in jest, some days I look back and scratch my head as to what was I thinking, lol.) But this... Continue Reading →

People are Happy and Really Hurting

There are so many joyous things in this world. Things that bring smiles, elicit laughter and make one feel the warmth of the goodness in the world. New born life (My son became an uncle. My youth pastor’s wife had her child.) Job promotions. A kiss from ones’ wife first thing in the morning. Families... Continue Reading →

Where’s All The Joy Gone?

Have you ever had one of those days? weeks? Maybe even years? You know what I’m talking about - demands at work are piling up, school assignments are past due, your body feels empty of energy, people keep pushing your buttons - or worse, it seems nobody cares. You feel worthless and abandoned - all... Continue Reading →

Seasons … Which one Are You In?

As we wrap up this year, well, this decade, I shared with some yesterday about seasons. Living in a community surrounded by farmers, they grasp the reality and the importance of knowing seasons. But seasons are more than just weather related. We go through seasons of life too. Dry seasons, stormy seasons, seasons of deluge,... Continue Reading →

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Some songs have journeys that are amazing. Such is the case for Baby, It’s Cold Outside. This song has had some really big highs and some really big lows. Written in 1944 by Broadway legend Frank Loesser, the original intent would surprise people. It was written to be sung at their housewarming party as the... Continue Reading →

Paper Airplanes in Worship

Being a preacher's kid, church services as a kid were often ... underwhelming. It wasn't the worships themselves, it was the fact I was a kid that got easily distracted. Plus, I had to listen to that preacher all week long (not complaining dad, just saying). So I looked for things to keep my attention.... Continue Reading →

Tyranny of the Mundane

Ho-Ho-Hum From Ho-Ho-Ho to Ho-Hum ...Have you ever felt like Christmas can be bit stagnant, a bit passe’, a bit ho-hum. We grow up and we get so bogged down with mundane little tasks that occupy our time we seem the season has lost its sparkle, its wonder, its awe. Laundry, housework, choosing Christmas cards,... Continue Reading →

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