Seasons … Which one Are You In?

As we wrap up this year, well, this decade, I shared with some yesterday about seasons. Living in a community surrounded by farmers, they grasp the reality and the importance of knowing seasons. But seasons are more than just weather related. We go through seasons of life too. Dry seasons, stormy seasons, seasons of deluge,… Continue reading Seasons … Which one Are You In?

Paper Airplanes in Worship

Being a preacher's kid, church services as a kid were often ... underwhelming. It wasn't the worships themselves, it was the fact I was a kid that got easily distracted. Plus, I had to listen to that preacher all week long (not complaining dad, just saying). So I looked for things to keep my attention.… Continue reading Paper Airplanes in Worship

Disciplines …. Habits of Grace … Means of Joy

I rarely talk about a book before I’ve read the entirety, but recently I was drawn to the cover of a new book by David Mathis. Mathis is a pastor and an executive at The book - Habits of Grace: Enjoying Jesus Through the Spiritual Disciplines. Grace is very important to me, (See previous… Continue reading Disciplines …. Habits of Grace … Means of Joy