People are Happy and Really Hurting

There are so many joyous things in this world. Things that bring smiles, elicit laughter and make one feel the warmth of the goodness in the world.

New born life (My son became an uncle. My youth pastor’s wife had her child.) Job promotions. A kiss from ones’ wife first thing in the morning. Families reunited. New car. The wonderful view from the top of a mountain after a grueling hike. Yes, life can hold some fantastic moments on our journey.

Baby Detwiler, my wedding, dancing at sons wedding, top of Old Rag Mountain, aunt Tiff, me at McAfee Knob, my favorite breakfast partner

But life can also hold some very hard moments. Moments that tear our guts apart and draw tears of pain from our eyes. Yes, there are the global events happening – the loss of life due to violence, COVID, the agony from the death of George Floyd and a nation being torn apart.

But I’m really touching on more with the hurt that crosses my path personally. Family members who’ve lost jobs during this quarantine, rebellious children (and parents), watching one continue to struggle with critical illnesses, hearing my mother’s trembling voice as she is lonely-isolated-scared in her now over 10 weeks lock down at the retirement home, and more.

Recently, I sat with a friend at the local diner. He was holding back tears … overwhelming struggles … family, health, finances, job demands, family (I said it twice for it was lots of family issues), and more.

My joking personality couldn’t smooth this one. And my pastoral instincts knew better than giving trite answers. He wanted to escape, find peace, and mercy. We sat in silence.

What does one do? What can one say?

We sat in silence.

We got up. We moved on to start our daily grind. And then we did something that does make a difference. We prayed. I don’t know the answers, but God does. So we went to the One who can help.

Peace does not come from your distance from trouble, but rather from the nearness of your Savior.

Paul David Tripp

So no matter what you’re going through, take it to Him. He cares for you.

And today, maybe find someone to encourage. Even if it is just sitting in silence at a coffee shop.






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