Where’s All The Joy Gone?

Have you ever had one of those days? weeks? Maybe even years? You know what I’m talking about – demands at work are piling up, school assignments are past due, your body feels empty of energy, people keep pushing your buttons – or worse, it seems nobody cares. You feel worthless and abandoned – all alone.

Your joy seems to have left the building. But even more, he has gotten in his car, drove off, and texted he is not coming back. This is not a long story, nor one of my whimsically and masterfully crafted narratives – it is a simple reminder.

You can focus on your problems and bathe in those feelings – or you can look fresh into the depths of God’s Grace.

The truth – you’re messed up, life can be hard, and people will disappoint. But we have a God who allows second chances, who gives us the breaths in our lungs anew every morning, and keeps his promises … promises like His presence – no matter where life takes us, His love – no matter what mess we pile on our life, and that He will work it all out – no matter how dark it seems. Granted, it may not be the way you want, or worked out even in this lifetime. But, He will always be there, always love you, and always work it out for good – always.

The truth – Our God is full of steadfast love and forever faithful.

So, look towards Him, get back under His fountain of grace. Let the showers of His simple and undeserved blessings, the reminder of His promises, and the realization of His faithfulness … let His grace, His love, and His mercy … let the renew, excite, enliven, and encourage. May He fan the flames of joy once again – and May you be filled with courage to face the mess and not lose heart.

Maybe it will also brings enough joy and courage that you can share that fountain of grace. Bring someone into your shower – your shower of blessings that is.

Where’s the joy gone? It’s still there, we’ve just gotten away from it ourselves. Get back to the source – get back to the basics of God.’s love and grace. You’ll find joy there. That’s where I want to be too! Will you join me?





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