School Loans Quandary … Was Warren Right?

I was perplexed. The argument sounded fair and reasonable. And I am in the demographic that this policy impacts. But am I thinking right? A few days ago, an angry father confronted presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren over her plan to release tens of millions from their student loan debts. The debts, now reaching almost 2… Continue reading School Loans Quandary … Was Warren Right?

A Sober Remembrance, A Prophetic Warning

There are some locations whose names just carry a depth of meaning. The Garden of Eden ... where it all began and where we lost paradise. Pompeii ... where nature’s swift and lethal destruction was shown without regard for humanity. Gettysburg ... where the Civil War saw its worst in her bloodiest battle but also… Continue reading A Sober Remembrance, A Prophetic Warning

Doing It ‘The Chicago Way’

The line is classic, iconic even. You may even have made it your life's mantra. And since it was recited by Sean Connery, there is an aura of power behind it. Make sure you read it with that Scottish accent ... "Wanna get Capone? Here's how you get him. He pulls a knife, you pull a… Continue reading Doing It ‘The Chicago Way’

Beth Moore, John MacArthur, and Pastor D

Oh it's on. The red line in the theological sand has been drawn. Words are crossing the Twitter and internet battle field like bullets did at Gettysburg. Comments and responses to articles are like skirmishes between the Jets and the Sharks ... and it's still because of a boy and a girl (West Side Story… Continue reading Beth Moore, John MacArthur, and Pastor D

Monday Minute …

Keeping it short for Monday. When our guilt turns into shame, then our sin becomes our identity. But your identity isn’t based in what you’ve done. It’s based in what Jesus has done for you. God looks upon you and sees Christ. He sees purity, righteousness, infinite possibility. (Quote by Kyle Idleman) This truth is… Continue reading Monday Minute …