Monday Minute …

Keeping it short for Monday. When our guilt turns into shame, then our sin becomes our identity. But your identity isn’t based in what you’ve done. It’s based in what Jesus has done for you. God looks upon you and sees Christ. He sees purity, righteousness, infinite possibility. (Quote by Kyle Idleman) This truth is … Continue reading Monday Minute …

It only took one thing … a lesson from Lexington, VA

What a lovely town. Wait. One bad apple. I came across this statement ... I really loved my job, but there was this one jerk there who made life miserable for everyone. One bad apple spoils the whole barrel, unfortunately. (From the web, not my life, just to be clear) You know what I mean. … Continue reading It only took one thing … a lesson from Lexington, VA

Felicity Huffman … Elitism Slammed by Elitist

It was a college scandal that rocked the rich. Top schools involved. Six figure bribes. Test taking shortcuts. Some of Hollywood elites connected. And more. Recently, Felicity Huffman, who pleaded guilty, appealed to the court as a mother who tried to do whatever she could to help her daughter. She gave some reasonable excuses, but … Continue reading Felicity Huffman … Elitism Slammed by Elitist

I Broke the Law … and Got Away with It

Crook. Lawbreaker. Criminal. Bring on Five-O. Take me to the pokey. Get Barney Fife to run me down. I didn't mean to. It just happened. I hadn't had my morning caffeine. And to be totally upfront ... I hated myself. I even gave a self-induced Dinozzo (slapped myself Gibb's style). I wanted a do-over. What … Continue reading I Broke the Law … and Got Away with It

Kick that Person to the Curb

Get rid of 'em. No mercy. Zero sympathy. Before you fill my comments with abrasive responses, let me explain the lesson I learned this week. (But actually, I do appreciate all comments ... so comment away.) I am doing some reading on bees ... those pesky little stingers we run from but enjoy their byproducts … Continue reading Kick that Person to the Curb

Events that Leave A Mark

We had certain rules. I don't remember too many, but we had them. Never play with play-doh at home, it got messy. When father whistled, we came running. No food on the new vehicle. And when I was growing up, my mother would keep us out of the living room. This was especially true when … Continue reading Events that Leave A Mark