Staying inside the lines – or else!

Toxic People # 4 – Results of Rulers Whacking the Knuckles

I didn’t got to Catholic school, but I’ve been told by som that they specially remember being whacked on the knuckles. This normally happens when you break the rules, so you get “WHACK.” Now me, I had lines to write, both on paper and on the board. There was the one time I had to extend my arms and hold dictionaries up – wish I had done that more, better biceps would be nice now.

Sometimes, those that grow up in the strict disciplinary environment often end up being disciplinary masters themselves. The original article call these the “follow the rules” Christians. They think they are cool, on the right path, and criticize others that don’t stay within the lines. And when you mess up, they feel better about themselves because you, the rule breakers, are now knocked down a notch. It’s as if they look for rule breakers.

But legalism has a burden, it crushes joy, stresses an impossible perfection standard, and creates a life where you are trying to earn God’s love. UGH, can’t earn it.

You can’t be perfect.
You can’t live up to that standard.
You can’t earn it.

God’s message is grace – underserved favor. You can’t ever earn it. And that shows our weakness. But the good news is in our weakness, we see something else. It is in our weakness God shows the world his perfection.

So stop trying to be perfect. Stop expecting others to be perfect. Yes pursue holiness. Yes be Christ-like. But live in His grace.





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