Let the Donkeys Pass On By

Awhile back, I was hiking the Grand Canyon with my son. It was one of the more popular trails – with scores of people going both ways, descending and ascending. There were a few spots on the trail that had water and shelters. But mostly, this trail was a collection of cutbacks and popular spots to stop and get your photo/selfie in a scenic view of this majestic wonder.

People were polite, giving cordial nods and friendly greetings as they passed by. There was lots of encouragements and plenty of “not far now,” a saying I learned not to believe.

The trail was from rim to bottom, and it could be done in a day – just the one way that is. It is too long for ‘rim to bottom and back to rim’ in a day. And since we had just the day, we did 8 miles down, 8 miles up. I understand there is a lodge at the bottom you can stay at, then hike back up the next day. Maybe next time. We were on a schedule.

Though not new to me, there are several lessons one applies to that hike. Comfortable shoes. Hydrate, and hydrate some more. Start early. Be polite. Take plenty of pics. Make sure your camera is charged. Watch out for each other. And get out of the way of the donkeys.

Yep, let the donkeys pass.

When they show up, there are few options. Stop where you are. Take a step off the trail, stand on a rock, maybe a bit into the rough, whatever. Just get out of their way and wait it out. It’s easier, safer, and less trouble in the long run. The burrows have been used for decades to carry supplies (and people) up and down the canyon’s trail.

Even Peg Leg gets out of the way.

Life is like this. We’re on a journey. There are some beautiful spots of scenery in life, stretches of hard work on the trail at times, and a variety of people that are part of our trek – some going our way, some going the opposite. But sometimes donkeys just show up. Those obstinate, stubborn, and single minded creatures that block our path, demand the trail, and seem to be a downright pain.

And sometimes, the best way to handle the situation is to just let them pass – get out of their way – and then get back on the path and start walking again. Shake the dust off and start up afresh. Donkeys may be part of God’s plan to slow you down or regroup.

Don’t yell at the donkeys, or tweet – it won’t do anything. Don’t complain, that won’t help either. Take the moment to step back, hydrate, snap a photo, check your map, and then get back to moving forward.

So today, if a donkey gets in your way, let them pass on by.

One final note. These donkeys in your life will occasionally leave you gifts, little reminders they are part of life too. That’s normal. Just watch where you walk, otherwise you might be carrying that reminder with you the rest of your journey. And that stinks, literally. You can’t stop the ‘gifts’ being left on the trail, but you don’t have to step in them.

Have a great day.


Post Script/ please note, this article has nothing to do with any particular political party. For in reality, both parties have people who fit into this category.





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